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Remember that awesome scene in Clueless where Cher wakes up and consults her computer (something so novel at the time) to put together an outfit for school? Her massive database of clothing and rotating closet select the perfect blazer and skirt set with only the push of a couple 90’s computer buttons. So cool, right?

Well, seems to be a page out of that book, but with some added features that didn’t exist in 1995. Users have the ability to share outfit choices with friends and surf through other users’ wardrobes for inspiration. Basically, it’s an online stylist meets social networking.

Our Review: What we like about Fashion-Ade is that it’s focused on customization for the user, not simply delivering generic style tips and hoping they apply to everyone.

Upon first arrival to the site you are prompted to build your closet. Based on your choice from eight different style categories plus what occasions you generally dress for, Fashion-Ade allows you to sort through the apparel and accessories, select their color and pattern and add them to your virtual wardrobe. These selections and any photos you want to upload are meant to mirror your actual closet, so when Fashion-Ade spits out an outfit, you can grab it right off the hanger.

Here’s the thing: despite finding this process kind of fun at the beginning—we got to feel a little bit like Cher Horowitz, just for a moment—it was definitely time consuming. With the vast selection of clothing (and the fact that you can choose from practically every color of the rainbow for each item), this process could take you hours. If you have a limited real-life wardrobe and want to put in the time, however, Fashion-Ade can give you some inspired combinations that you may not have thought of on your own.

We do like the site’s organization. Once your wardrobe is created, it’s easy to sort by season, type of garment and outfit rating. This is particularly refreshing when compared to the hazards of navigating real-life closets! We’re not sure, however, that every user will have the patience to get to this point or the dedication to continuously return here for outfit inspiration.

Verdict: Yea to the idea behind Fashion-Ade, but Nay to the practicality of it. We just don’t think users will spend the time in the beginning to get the intended results.


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