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Everyone has less cash to spend these days, but let’s face it—a girls gotta keep herself up. And if you’re in the big city (say New York, or LA) the prices usually carry the highest budget damage potential. Enter—a site that is a scheduling center of sorts, for all those beauty rituals we’ve become accustomed to, not only the trip to the hairstylist but waxing, mani/pedis, massage, tanning and more. But even beyond just setting appointments, Lifebooker offers online only discounts for all those that book appointments, meaning you get to fit your bikini wax into both your timeline and your budget, without the hassle of getting put on hold when you’ve only got 26 seconds left in your lunch hour …

Our Review: It sounds too good to be true—can the discounts really be that great? In fact, after cruising around the site for a bit, we found that they can. Haircuts, for example—we scanned the NYC salons and found that most cuts listed at over $100 were reduced to as low as $50. And in the facial department, we found multiple treatments, including micro-dermabrasion, oxygen facials, and peels for up to half off as well.

So how do we know these places are any good? Lifebooker features user reviews, posted, according to the site, only by users who have booked and kept appointments. The site also details how long treatments and services will take, and allows you to sort by date, time range, discount, price, and rating, as well as by location and which places are booked the most.

The Verdict: Looks like a Yea to us … but as with any personal service, we’d recommend you do a little research on any salon before you book an appointment and go for the first time, to make sure the quality will be up to your standards before you walk through the door. And the site only covers New York and Los Angeles, so the rest of us are out of luck …

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