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Everyone has less cash to spend these days, but let’s face it—a girls gotta keep herself up. And if you’re in the big city (say New York, or LA) the prices usually carry the highest budget damage potential. Enter—a site that is a scheduling center of sorts, for all those beauty rituals we’ve become accustomed to, not only the trip to the hairstylist but waxing, mani/pedis, massage, tanning and more. But even beyond just setting appointments, Lifebooker offers online only discounts for all those that book appointments, meaning you get to fit your bikini wax into both your timeline and your budget, without the hassle of getting put on hold when you’ve only got 26 seconds left in your lunch hour …

Our Review: It sounds too good to be true—can the discounts really be that great? In fact, after cruising around the site for a bit, we found that they can. Haircuts, for example—we scanned the NYC salons and found that most cuts listed at over $100 were reduced to as low as $50. And in the facial department, we found multiple treatments, including micro-dermabrasion, oxygen facials, and peels for up to half off as well.

So how do we know these places are any good? Lifebooker features user reviews, posted, according to the site, only by users who have booked and kept appointments. The site also details how long treatments and services will take, and allows you to sort by date, time range, discount, price, and rating, as well as by location and which places are booked the most.

The Verdict: Looks like a Yea to us … but as with any personal service, we’d recommend you do a little research on any salon before you book an appointment and go for the first time, to make sure the quality will be up to your standards before you walk through the door. And the site only covers New York and Los Angeles, so the rest of us are out of luck …

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

    Blog Comments

    I had a terrible experience purchaseing Laser hair removal from lifebooker and they would not refund my purchase.

    The place was dirty, they didn’t have paper liners, didn’t offer protective eyewear and I recieved IPL instead of LHR!!!

    I just wanted to share this with you – to prevent your readers from having similar experiences! I had a horrible experience with Lifebooker, and will any of the zillions of other deal sites out there before I ever use Lifebooker again. This was the result of an awful experience with KimLoveMuse, as described below:

    I purchased 5 vouchers for 30 minute psychic readings with KimLoveMuse I purchased one for myself, and the rest as Christmas gifts for my friends, and a few of us made appointments this week/end to try it out. I was the first to go, with an appointment set for Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, what transpired was one of the most surprising and horrible experiences I could have ever imagined.

    Initially, there was some confusion – as Kim had me written in her diary for 3:30pm, and I had confirmed a 3pm appointment – and so was at her office by 2:50pm. However, regardless of who had the correct time – I waited for Kim to arrive until 3:50 pm! TWENTY minutes after my alleged 3:30 start time, and a full hour since I arrived. At this point, I calmly explained to Kim that I could not fulfill a full 30 minute appointment without being late to my next engagement uptown at 4:30, and so would need to reschedule. She had already been extremely rude at every junction of our interaction up to this point, and here she turned downright nasty. First she began yelling at me about how everyone always changes their schedules around, calling me and everyone else “entitled” then continued yelling at me again about some girls that she had just had an argument with down in the lobby (who are these girls and why am I in trouble for whatever they did? No idea). At this point, I asked if I could actually just cancel the appointment altogether. Wishing to remain polite and not start a fight, I said that I was looking for a reading early in the season and since she was “booked for weeks” I would rather just cancel. Here she asked me if I was kidding, called me “entitled” again at least twice – at which point I said “to be honest, I’m just not really feeling the vibe between us and I don’t think it’s going to work out.” Her response was to shout “neither am I! I don’t WANT to read you! Go get a refund for your 30 dollars from Lifebooker, freakin’ pathetic” and stormed off. I left the lobby in a state of shock.

    I am NOT the sort of person who gets into arguments or altercations easily, and in this scenario was even more understanding because I really did want to have a fun psychic reading for my friends and I to start the new year! Needless to say, I did not want to use my voucher with Kim, nor did I want my friends to be subjected to such a nasty experience, so I explained the situation to Lifebooker and asked for a refund. After ignoring my email, I got someone on the phone who said that they would request a refund from Kim and get back to me. After not hearing from them for another few days, I called again. The same interaction went on FOUR more times – during each interaction, I was extremely polite and explained the situation again and again, to which their reply was “we want to help you resolve this issue, and will call you by the end of the day.” Well, that never happened. I wish that it were just $30 on the line like Kim said – but it’s actually $200 for all 5 vouchers at $40 each. I am now talking to my lawyer about suing them and/or KimLoveMuse for this incredibly unethical conduct. Since this happened, I’ve heard dozens of awful stories about Lifebooker similar to mine. Lifebooker obviously does NOT care about their clients, so why should we support them? There are a million other competing sites like LivingSocial or Groupon who do the same thing, and with a better reputation.

    I would like to set the record straight here, THIS WOMAN Whom I met ONCE in my life has been trashing me all over the net any chance she gets, and acting like she is a sweet innocent victim.  I am not one to trash people, and this story is so exaggerated as well as a few lies thrown in their.  This woman bought a voucher for herself and a few friends, her friend called the day before saying that she wanted to put her friend in her slot instead which was fine however…her friends appointment was a half hour later she had shown up a half hour sooner.  I was ten minutes late and I apologized for running late, this woman who wrote the review above insisted now she could not do the reading (for 30 minutes) because she had another appointment and Insisted that I fit her into the schedule the next day.  There was not any yelling, we were in a lobby with people, and I don’t scream, was I frustrated, yes absolutely however I was trying to accomodate her on rescheduling her.  She did not want to wait, hence, the writing reviews about me.  It’s fascinating to me how people see things so one sidedely on their own terms in thier own way, when they don’t get their way.
    She is also trashing Lifebooker here which is not very nice, or need I say appropriate.
    I would love for people to be a little more patient and tolderant in this city, it’s amazing how mean and self centered people can actually be.

    I had a horrible experience with Lifebooker. I will never use them again. They have poor customer service . I purchased 3 life booker coupons for a salon in Burbank. I called several times to book an appointment and was unsuccessful. There was never a live person to answer my call, so I left three messages. When a representative did call me back I informed her about the life booker coupon that I had purchased for a facial and microdermabrasion. She then stated that it would be about a month until I got an appointment and that Kasey would call me back to book it. I never got a return phone call. After several attempts I contacted life booker directly to inform them of the issues I was having, and they were unable to get me a refund but stated that I can email the salon to make an appt. I have had great experiences with Groupon and that is who I will use. Stay away from Lifebooker and any facials/microdermabrasion from a salon called Glow Skin by Kasey.

    Bad experience as well. Purchased a bottle of supplements the code appeared to have worked but after filling in all the required information, there was a problem procesing the order. Called lifebooker couldn’t get an answer. Sent an email. The reply told me to call after several minutes on hold was sent to voicemail. Stick with groupon. This is my first and last experience with lifebooker.


    I used to be an avid client of Lifebooker until earlier this year, when I purchased two Lifebooker vouchers for Soca Motion classes and after calling and writing the merchant repeatedly to schedule the classes and receiving no response, I contacted Lifebooker for a refund and was told, basically, that it was not Lifebooker’s problem.

    I’ve had this problem with Groupon and they contacted the merchant to discuss. The merchant confirmed that they couldn’t schedule me at any foreseeable time and Groupon issued a refund. Lifebooker didn’t even make an effort to resolve the issue.

    I haven’t returned to their site since that experience, but I’ve had pretty good experiences with Bloomspot, Giltcity, Groupon and Living Social/Amazon Local. And to imagine– I actually used to recommend Lifebooker all the time…

    NEVER, EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! They included my friend’s business on there without ANY CONSENT, causing a bunch of confusion between both the business and the consumers! They have no rights to do this and should really be shut down! Please save your money for a legit business like Groupon or Living Social.

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