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Where to Get it Site Review

Have you ever seen a hot shirt or designer handbag online, the runway or elsewhere and been like “Where the heck can I get that”? You then promptly Google the item with the best terminology you can find and you come up dry. We get it – we’re still searching for a pair of thick-rimmed glasses that Amanda Seyfried wore to the US Open years ago.

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Our Review: A new site out of Paris, France, called Where to Get It, is meant to solve this very problem. Even though we had to zoom over to the Facebook page to find a description of what the website does, it’s pretty self-explanatory. The incredibly simple concept requires the searcher to upload a picture of the item they’re looking for and then the rest of the internet has the ability to help them out. As you participate, you accumulate points, though we have no idea what those points get you. Maybe just pride? That’s cool – we like pride.

We’ll voice our concerns first. Because the success of your search (and of the site) is totally reliant on the community, there has to be users and ideally lots of them. They also have to be people who are relatively knowledgeable about where to buy stuff. If someone’s not a shopper and familiar with online stores, they will have no way to direct you to the right place.

That said, why has it taken so long for this site to exist? We genuinely hope for the success of Where to Get It because it’s really all about servicing people like us, and people like you. We don’t want to be stuck in fashion purgatory, coveting a pair of glasses any longer – we want to know what brand they are and how we can have them on our face like, yesterday.

Verdict: Yes – please use this site and please tell your friends.