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TBF Gets Wowed by PureWow

We’re all for broadening our horizons, and encouraging you to broaden yours, but this is definitely something that takes time and a lot of effort. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to get caught up in our daily grind with work, friends, boyfriends, husbands, family, hobbies and more. Scheduling in some horizon-broadening? Yeah, right. However we found a site that may help.

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Our Review: PureWow offers you an array of info and suggestions on culture, fashion, travel, tech, health and wellness and more, all specifically for women. You can have a daily email sent to you, which will feature one topic per day, or you can just surf the site and browse a bunch. You’ll find stuff like a swimsuit guide, great getaways, shopping site reviews (in case you don’t get enough of them here!) and tips such as how to get your e-book on loan. So, all good stuff, and with an email per day you can really manage your info!

We definitely like this site. There’s interesting content fashion-wise and other, but it’s not aiming to give you a deal on any tangible products nor will it. Regardless, brushing up on your personal designer directory and learning great lifestyle tips can better arm you for making budget decisions and subsequently save you money.

The drawback? Well, it does seem like they took a page (or chapter(s)) from Daily Candy. However, their focus on global issues like relief for Haiti, more than makes up for any “me-too” similarities with the Grandmama of women-centered newsletters.

Verdict: Yea. We like the lady-focused content and the array of different informational topics.