Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner: Product Review

Girl with shiny brown hair
Girl with shiny brown hair

In the quest for a wallet-friendly, all-natural shampoo and conditioner, Karie lathers up with Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner; $2.99 to $7.99.

I’ll admit it. I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. They should leave my hair feeling soft and manageable, and should smell divine. I’ve never actively sought an all-natural formula before — probably because of the high price tag associated with the adjective “all-natural.” But considering all of the scary information out there now about parabens and whatnot, maybe I should add this requirement to my haircare checklist.

Luckily, Beverly Hills celebrity stylist Cristophe, who works magic on the tresses of Nicole Kidman and Jessica Biel, has launched an all-natural, sulfate- and paraben-free haircare line, Purely Natural, that squelches high prices. So even us mere mortals can enjoy his magic touch.

But does it deliver? Yes and no.

I’m not one to use clarifiers, but I’m game for any type of beauty first encounter, so I gave the Clarifying Shampoo a whirl. Used once a week, it claims to rid your mop of all the gross styling-aid buildup and environmental pollution you put your poor strands through. (And you know you do!)

The Shampoo Review

Did it leave my hair squeaky clean? Yes, but it also made it feel like a Brillo pad and it stripped my red-dyed hair of some of my prized hair color (to be expected, I suppose, since it’s a clarifier).

The Conditioner Review

Thankfully, the Conditioner, which is rich in vital vitamins and minerals, as well as naturally derived elements that absorb harmful UV rays (a bonus for us color-treated ladies), left my hair feeling silky to the touch with no heaviness or residue whatsoever. And that, my fair Fashionistas, we all know is a feat in itself.

All products from the line contain keratin A to reduce breakage, vitamin C to pump up the shine factor, and creatine to add strength to wimpy hair (like my own). And the scent? It’s fragrance-free, but I swear it smells a bit like marshmallows. Yum.

Final Thoughts on Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner

If you want to keep your hair color, say “nay” to the Clarifying Shampoo. If you want an affordable, all-natural conditioner that leaves your locks glistening, scoop up Purely Natural Conditioner.

The 2019 Update

Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner has not stood the test of time. The duo is no longer available for purchase. If you love the brand, try the Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. They’re both color-safe, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

If you need a clarifying shampoo, try the old favorite Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. You can buy it for less than $6 on Amazon.

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    Blog Comments

    CVS know longer sell the Cristophe Beverly Hills products where can I buy it, I reside in New York City.

    where can I buy Cristophe Beverly Hills products?

    I absolutely love the Made from Earth Peppermint conditioner. So far its my favorite one from all the organic lines I have tried. Made from Earth is completely natural – unlike other brands who may claim to be natural and/or organic (but somehow still manage to sneak the icky chemicals in) – so that alone makes this an awesome product for someone who’s concerned about what their beauty products are made from.

    After a few days of consistent use, my hair is softer and silkier than with any other product I’ve tried. The smell is a little strong, but fades to a nice subdued floral scent after the hair dries. I’ve gotten many compliments on my hair since I’ve gone back to using the Made from Earth conditioner. I’ve spent a few years trying out all the “natural” brands to find the perfect line for my hip length hair…again, of all those supposedly natural brands – Made from Earth seems to be the only one that really is purely natural, and on top of that, has been the best for my hair.

    I have been happy with the Pure and Natural Shampoo, but the CVS I shop at is always out of the shampoo and conditioners. Any suggestions? I live in Suffolk County on Long Island (New York).

    Please, call CVS and request that the Purely Natural Shampoo and Conditioner be brought back. Finally a shampoo scent and dye free. No sulfates is why my scalp stopped itching. I am very sesative to sulfur products.

    I called CVS and left a complaint about its being discontinued. I also told them that CVS needs to push this product in their circular if they can get it back on their shelf.

    I finally find something that works super for my thick but extremely fine hair and now I can no longer find it (purely natural daily shampoo)! Is there anywhere it can still be purchased?

    I feel they same way Shaundell, Janice and Amy feel. I finally found something I can use and it is discontinued. I use the Fragrance Free Shampoo and conditioner because I am sensitive to all chemicals and perfume. I love the way it leaves my hair. It has a little citrus smell, but that disappears after you rinse your hair. Where can I purchase it??????

    I love the purely and natural conditioner. I am highly allergic to many chemicals. And when I found this conditioner I was thrilled My hair looks and feels great. I have been using it wih no problems through out my radation and chemo and have had no bad reaction Please tell me where I can get it. When you feel like you look health and people compliment you it helps get through the bad days.

    I agree with all of you – I LOVE the Purely Natural shampoo and conditioner. I’m VERY sensitive to smells but this is one I can handle, not to mention how great it makes my hair look and feel. I tried to email Christophe Beverly Hills about it but the message bounced back. We need this stuff!!! 🙂

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