Dana Buchman at Kohls Line Review

What: Dana Buchman’s new line for Kohls is available online and Kathryn isn’t impressed.

What I Say: I had high hopes for this line and thought it would be a great mass market line for women of a “certain age”.  Some of the pieces (like this Dolman sleeved sweater and these gold wedge sandals) are fairly stylish and brings up memories of the old Dana Buchman bridge line at department stores, but for the most part the line is a bit disappointing (and so is the site design, you can’t read the text description of the product). For example, salmon is the type of color that looks cheap when paired with lower quality fabrics and this line has seven or so pieces in this color. And while I can appreciate how easy black is to wear, the line depends on the color a little too much.  Also, I’m a bit suprised by the lack of a Dana Buchman at Kohls plus size line, as the plus size line sold very well in department stores.

Dana Buchman at Kohls: My Top Picks

  • Dana Buchman Stripped Dolan Sleeve Sweater, on sale for $49.00
  • Dana Buchman Grommet Tunic, on sale for $41.99
  • Dana Buchman Animal Aviators, on sale for $21.60

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine, DrLaura.com, Refinery29, Wellness.com and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

    Blog Comments

    Oh I agree!  It looks remarkably like a cross between Kohl’s Croft & Barrow and Apt. 9 lines.  They needed a big designer name for that?  Why?

    Also all the pants are in that dumpy pear shape that Kohl’s seems to think is a remarkably good idea.  As an almost 30 year old size 2, their stock implies that either I don’t exist, or that I will somehow appreciate having sewn-on saddlebags added to my figure.

    Kathryn, I was waiting on your thoughts re: this line! I saw a few items in O magazine in Feb and thought nice can’t wait. Well, I reviewed the items online before hitting my local store…just okay. Hit the store and couldn’t find the line..poor product placement for a new line and then more online then in the store?
    Not impressed and a let down. However, I did purchase a Bohemian tunic I had seen in O magazine, I liked the fabric and the price. Normally, $52 w/ 30% off and
    $10 off that price (received discount card in the mail specifically to be used for Dana Buchman). Price – $25, I wouldn’t have paid more…and frankly, there is nothing else in the line I’ll be rushing back to get.

    I saw some pieces early on and was like- wow it could work but Kohls has a habit of pricing their items too high for the quality (vera wang???), why would anyone pay $98 for a pleather handbag? or $130 for a pair of boots, when you can get a pair of leather boots from DSW for less than $75?  Just doesn’t make any sense and I am not sure where they are coming from.

    @EmilyKennedy – totally agree with Kohls being a bit more dumpy… I grew up with Kohls and it has a very midwestern focus, but where I am from (Minneapolis), people still like style (hello home of Target!)

    I also have to agree. I am “of a certain age ” – 45 – and the clothes were “yawn” and uninspiring. I went in because I had seen some great Buchman tunics, and the Kohl’s stuff is really dull, no , it is an even worse D word – DOWDY.

    Too bad.

    My 75 yr old Mother purchased a Dana Buchman tote (fake leather) hand bag for me as a thank you gift back in Feb 2009, when her line was first introduced to Kohls store. Since that time I have exchanged that bag 4 times for a new one due to the handle falling apart. This bag retails for 96 dollars. She paid cash for it and no longer has the receipt, so the only thing they will do is offer me a new bag or store credit of 46 dollars. I can get a REAL leather bag for the same price that will not fall apart.

    When I first saw Dana Buchman’s Tunic – I was thorougly impressed with the color and design. I went to the Kohls to try on one that I had literally fallen in love with – TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT.
    There is no Consistency in the sizes – it says L -but will look like XL. Size M was tooo tight and S was just right!!!!! NO two Tunic of the same size and color measures the same.
    So I tried the S – though it fitted – it was totally off on the neck – like someone pulled it from left!.
    The design cut & stitching are PATHETIC. Needs lot of quality control.

    I am extremely disappointed with a new purse I bought about 2 months ago; I bought it on sale for around seventy dollars. I am not trying to sound stuck up, but I typically will splurge once a year or every two years and buy a Coach purse. Not wanting to spend that kind of money, and really wanting a new purse…I figured (how bad can a purse be for half the cost?) Well, I totally love the style, but the quality is horrible! The front pocket threads are pulling loose and today I find holes in the lining of the other pockets!! I am so bummed!!! I always thought it was crazy to spend a lot of money on something so simple but the difference is unreal!! I was hoping that I could continue to buy “cheaper” purses, but I have just been reminded of why I don’t.


    I too, am not impressed with the Dana Buchman clothing line at Kohl’s. Being 38 and plus size (double whammy 🙂 ) I saw a cute dress online but have never seen it in the store. I did find a cute pair of shoes today and with the early bird specials paid a little more than I would have if I went to a chain shoe store so why not, we’ll see, as I was looking around, I saw some of her jewelry. I’ve never been a chunky jewelry person but the pieces I saw I could see myself wearing…but that is for another shopping trip.

    the top i bought at kohl’s is one of the best i have ever bought. its brown white and black very sophisticated and hids my stomach pouch very well love it

    Bought 2 Dana Buchman purses at Kohl’s. Worst mistake I made, they keep falling apart. the straps have what looks like a buckle on the bag and the bar that goes though falls out.Keep taking them back!!! They look nice but they weren’t made to use, just look at them . Got one for my Grand-daughter and her’s broke.. Sooo Trrried of being ripped off !!! HELP

    I purchased 2 items from Kohls in the Dana Buchman line and I am very displeased with both purchases. The purse within 2 months had a rip in the handle. The dress sandles the webbing on the sides ripped on them. I am very displeased with the brand. They look great but do not hold up at all. I have only worn the sandles maybe 6 times. The purse everyday but only for about 2 months.

    I like the style of Dana Buchman slacks but PLEASE make in TALL sizes. I am so tired of going to Kohl’s and not being able to get dress slacks. 34 inch inseam please!!!!!

    i saw my mom admiring a d. buchman purse n wanted 2 buy it 4 xmas.the original price was $165 and w/the sale it came to $55(kohls seems to be famous 4 their sales but it seems obvious that the prices are jacked up so that when they have a ‘sale’ u feel like u actually saved something).now that ive read the reviews i think i’ll buy something else.too bad-the purse LOOKED gorgeous.

    ps- the sienna ricchi purses r GREAT.

    Colleen Dominick

    Love the Dana Buchman Cup Sleeve summer tops. I wish she made them in Navy,
    Brown, Red and Chocolate. I’ve bought 9 of them this year. Love them.

    I purchased the Dana Buchman top I didn’t try it on cause I wear a Medium so I brought it home & didnt try it on for a few days its snug. The material & style I love, does she make her products smaller, it’s almost looks like I gained a few!! 😑☹️
    Does anyone feel the same way as I do.

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