Dana Buchman at Kohls Line Review

What: Dana Buchman’s new line for Kohls is available online and Kathryn isn’t impressed.

What I Say: I had high hopes for this line and thought it would be a great mass market line for women of a “certain age”.  Some of the pieces (like this Dolman sleeved sweater and these gold wedge sandals) are fairly stylish and brings up memories of the old Dana Buchman bridge line at department stores, but for the most part the line is a bit disappointing (and so is the site design, you can’t read the text description of the product). For example, salmon is the type of color that looks cheap when paired with lower quality fabrics and this line has seven or so pieces in this color. And while I can appreciate how easy black is to wear, the line depends on the color a little too much.  Also, I’m a bit suprised by the lack of a Dana Buchman at Kohls plus size line, as the plus size line sold very well in department stores.

Dana Buchman at Kohls: My Top Picks

  • Dana Buchman Stripped Dolan Sleeve Sweater, on sale for $49.00
  • Dana Buchman Grommet Tunic, on sale for $41.99
  • Dana Buchman Animal Aviators, on sale for $21.60

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