Le Tote Review — It’s Netflix for Clothes

If you’ve ever wanted to wear nice, new things without actually buying them, then this LE TOTE review is for you.

Le Tote Review: What is Le Tote?

The best way I can describe LE TOTE is like a Netflix for clothes — and not the streaming Netflix, but the original one, where you got an endless supply of movies in the mail.

With LE TOTE, you start by completing a survey and providing your measurements. You pick out a few pieces you like, and then — boom — you start receiving new garments and accessories in the mail.

The number of pieces you receive depends on the package you have. I am on the $59/ month package, which gets me three garments and two accessories in each “tote.”

LETOTE verus Stitch Fix

Now, here’s what makes LE TOTE different from, say, Stitch Fix. These pieces aren’t brand-new, and you don’t have to buy them if you want to wear them. You can wear the items in the tote for as long as you want, and then send them back. Once you return a tote, another one is shipped out to you.

My brain translates LETOTE this way: I get a never-ending supply of fresh pieces to wear and it only costs me $59 per month. My closet doesn’t get cluttered and I don’t get bored. Win/win.

Highlights from My Totes

I have been using LETOTE since August of 2016. Here are some of my favorite looks:

Silver chain bracelet and tortoise shell sunnies

While I held on to this tote, the bracelet made it into my regular rotation — I think I wore it as much as I wear my go-to sunnies! The chain detail on this piece adds some flash without being over-the-top.

Colorful wrap-style, open-front top

This was my favorite look from my first tote! The wrap-style top is colorful, fun and feminine. I paired it with a textured navy bralette and rust shorts for a flirty summer ensemble.

Blue midi dress with blush shoes and floral handbag
I loved this blue dress. It fit perfectly and is a fabulously simply backdrop for a great pair of shoes and a necklace.
Colorful orange midi dress from Le Tote
I don’t know that I would have pulled this off the rack in a store, but I added it to my tote because it’s risk-free! And I was rewarded for it — I got so many compliments on this colorful midi dress.

Olive green tunic paired with white leggings

A dramatic tunic is right in my style wheelhouse. This one looks so great with white leggings and open-toe booties!

See my LE TOTE unboxing video!

Unexpected LE TOTE Benefits

When I received my first tote, the buzz of new clothes lasted for a few days, and then I cleared my head and started thinking about the true benefits of Le Tote. Here’s my take:

Le Tote is ideal for frequent travelers.

I am writing this post from the road. When I packed, I made sure to bring all of my Le Tote items, plus the prepaid return bag. That way, I can drop the items in a mailbox while I’m traveling, which makes repacking much easier. It also frees up space for any extra stuff I may have picked up on my trip, and lessens my post-trip laundry load.

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