SSh-oes: The Simple Solution to Loud Heels

Sshoes - quieter women's shoes
The perks of being a style blogger — it’s OK to put shoes on my desk!

Editor’s note: Sadly, it looks as though SSh-oes is no more. That means we have to go back to quieting our shoes the old-fashioned way. See this post on for tips!

I thought about having this post auto-play the sound of a woman’s heels clippety-clopping on the floor of an office building or airport. But then, that would be super-annoying and you don’t need that. Instead, I’ll ask you this: have you ever tried to step lighter so your loud heels would be quieter? Then read on, because I have an easy and budget-friendly solution for you.

SSh-oes Review — The Quieter Women’s Shoe

When the Ssh-oes team reached out and asked if I wanted to try out a pair of their shoes for free, my first question was, “what’s the price point?” I had already looked at the styles and figured Ssh-oes were out of range for a budget fashionista.

Shoes are expensive enough, even without any special features. This brand promised to be cute and quiet — so I was surprised and intrigued to learn that Ssh-oes retail for $40-90. That’s a price point I can handle for stylish heels.

I have the Ava Tassel Sandals in nude. They feature thick straps across the top of the foot, with a tasseled zipper up the throat. A 3-inch wooden block heel adds height and stability. I’ve worn these sandals several times (including once hauling luggage through an airport) and found them to be extremely comfortable. The leather straps are soft, and the insoles are cushiony.

Sometimes budget-friendly shoes can leave their mark on the first wear, from a little raw skin to nasty blisters. I didn’t have any issues with my Ssh-oes — it was like they were already broken in for me.

But are they quiet?

Ssh-oes are quieter than other heels I own, but they are not silent or sneaker-quiet. A rubber-composition tip on the heel absorbs sound (and provides a distinctive look too!). That heel tip may be more or less effective, depending on how your foot hits the ground when you step.

If you walk hard on the front of your foot, for example, your Ssh-oes may not be as quiet on you as they are on a soft and balanced walker. But you’re used to that anyway, and these will still be quieter than other heels. Plus, the outsole is also a rubber material, and it doesn’t make that clapping noise against hard surfaces that I’ve experienced with other shoes.

All in, I’d say buy Ssh-oes for the comfort and the style, and then enjoy the quieter profile as an added bonus.

3 Ways to Style Ssh-oes Ava Tassel Sandals

Tassels are having a moment right now, and these shoes are a subtle way to get in on the trend. They’re $79, and available in black or beige. I like beige for spring and summer, because they’re so easy to pair with everything from white to hot pink. You could, for example, wear these with jeans, a cute top and statement bag, but here are a few more easy summer outfit ideas to inspire you.

White Skinny Pants and Patterned Top

Sshoes are the solution to loud heels. Here, I styled them with white skinny pants, a summer top, silver bracelet and wristlet.

Midi Skirt, Tank (Add a Bomber If It’s Cold)

Sshoes are the solution to loud heels. Here, they're styled with a midi skirt, white blouse and statement necklace.

Patterned Dress or Romper

Sshoes are the solution to loud heels. Here, they're styled with a floral summer dress.

Where to Find Ssh-oes

Update 2019: Sadly, it appears Ssh-oes have fallen by the wayside. Instead, try this tutorial on how to make your current shoes quieter.


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