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Review: Lush’s New Highlighter and Bronzer

Charisma and Feeling Younger Skin Tints, $18.95 each from Lush

I’m going to confide in you all for a second. When it comes to cosmetics, I’m kind of a straightforward kind of gal. I wear a tinted moisturizer (with SPF, please), a non-fancy eyeliner design, some eyeshadow, mascara and perhaps some ChapStick. Now, when it comes to contouring and shadowing and bronzing and highlighting and all those fancy words, I sometimes find myself overwhelmed.

With that said, I decided I’d try my hand — or face, rather — at all of the above after hearing rave reviews about Lush’s Feeling Younger Tint/Primer and Charisma Tint/Primer. The former is a highlighter while the latter is a bronzer,and both are priced at $18.95 a pop. Verdict: Just as amazing as I had hoped and far easier to apply and wear than I had expected. Check out the specs below.

The Review:

Application: These two blend so well that you can honestly apply them without a brush or sponge. Unlike some bronzers and highlighters, they’re extremely lightweight and never just “sit on the skin.” They melt into your skin to create a seamless finish and never feel heavy or cakey.

The Cost: For under $20 a pop, you seriously can’t go wrong with these two. Each tub is filled with .7 oz. of product. That’s enough to last you for at least several months.

The Packaging: True to Lush’s form, the packaging is simple and straightforward. You’ll eventually need a brush or sponge to help get the product out as your supply dwindles, but I’d personally prefer a tub that allows you to get every last drop out, as opposed to an awkward tube or pump.

How to Wear: Depending on your mood or the vibe you’re going for, you can apply either product to your entire face before your foundation or tinted moisturizer. When applied to the entire face, the highlighter (Feel Younger) creates a sort of dewy finish and brightens the skin, making it look like you just spent two weeks at one of those fancy resorts Oprah Winfrey or Beyonce would spend thousands of dollars to hang out at. The bronzer (Charisma) is great if you’re going for that “endless summer” glow. It’s got a hint of shimmer in it, but not so much that you look like you’re heading to the club. Perfect for both day and night.

As an alternative to all-over application, you can apply both products to contour your face. Quick rule of thumb: Apply highlighter to areas that protrude slightly. That includes cheekbones, collarbones, lower forehead, down the center of your nose and under the browbone. Bronzers should be applied to areas you want to shadow, including either side of your nose, around the hairline and just under the cheekbones.

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Sunday 19th of June 2016

The most awesome bronzer I have ever used... So easy and bendable. I give this a 10 +++++

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