Product review: Loreal Enhanced Formula Ineral Hair Fixer, $8.29-$8.75

What: Sabina reviews a product that fixes hair that’s been ruined by chemical treatments, $8.29-$8.75

The Lowdown: You know how the instructions on bleach packets and peroxide bottles tell you they’re not meant for use on chemically processed hair and how the instructions on the boxes of hair relaxer tell you they should never be used on bleached hair?
Well, turns out… they’re not kidding! (as I recently learned the hard way.)  I’m a hair product junkie and this isn’t the first or even the second time I did something drastically stupid to my hair and ended up in tears. This time my hair turned into rusty orange crunchy stuff and a good five inches had to be cut off.
Now, I might have finally had to learn my lesson for good after this disaster and had to resort to a Britney, if this truly miraculous product hadn’t come along and saved the day.
Loreal Enhanced Formula Ineral Hair Fixer is a set of six pills, a bottle of watery liquid strangely referred to as lotion and a developer bottle to mix the pill with the lotion solution. You place it on your hair and after the first use (there are enough pills in the package for six uses) you will begin to notice that the texture and the feel of your hair starts to improve.
Yea or Nay: An absolute yea.
Buy it: Sally Beauty Supply, $8.29 or, on sale for $8.75

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    Catherine Brock

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