5 Inspiring Tumblr Beauty Blogs

You’ve already heard us rave about the ease of Tumblr for both the blogger and the reader. Essentially, it’s one of the simplest blogging platforms there is, so it’s perfect if you want to start your own blog. Of course, it’s always nice to get a little inspiration. So today we’ve gathered up some of our very favorite beauty blogs and are sharing why we think they’re awesome.

Part of the reason we chose these blogs is because of their incredible portfolios. The bloggers include beauty photos from all over the world and frequently update their readers on the latest styles. They use few words, letting the pictures speak for themselves. Their blog layouts are simple, clean and stunning. So enjoy, and we hope these Tumblr blogs help get your creative juices flowing!

Awesome Tumblr Beauty Blogs that Inspire Us


Blog Name: Hair Wars
What It’s About: Hair, hair, and more hair. If you need inspiration on unique hairstyles, this is the place to go.
Why We Love It: We love Hair Wars because this blogger features some of the most incredible hairstyles around. Some of them are simply stunning. Some of them are artsy and not easily understood. Some of them are on celebrities and models. Some are old-school. You never know what you are going to get, which makes this blog exciting and unpredictable. We love that this blogger doesn’t just feature common, everyday hairstyles but more eclectic ones, too.

Catherine A.

Catherine A.

Catherine keeps you up to date on the most stylish beauty trends. A southern gal and avid blogger, Cat is armed and ready with a wealth of beauty knowledge to share with the world. Even though she's a die hard fashionista, she's also extremely frugal and loves sharing tips on "spending less and living more." When she's not writing, Cat loves teaching, taking dance classes, and spoiling her dog, Julep.
Catherine A.

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