Dreaming of Your Own Shopping PA? Then Check out Shop It to Me

Shop It To Me

What: As we’re all familiar with the blessings that the internet brings to doing anything efficiently, one of my favorites is the world of personalized online shopping. Shop It to Me is one of those sites – here, you can sign up for e-mail notifications for when your favorite pieces go on sale, are available via promo, etc. Basically, it’s like a virtual smoke signal for discount shopping. Even more exciting is the recent release of Shop It To Me Threads – a similar daily notification that keeps a pulse on the trend of your favorite brands and will tell you what’s hot – straight to your inbox. No magazine, shopping blog, or fashion magazine needed.

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The Lowdown: Online sale notifications for your favorite brands and items, now also in the form of personalized online shopper. Simply select your style, the types of things you want to follow for frequent updates, and sit back as you receive fashion sense and ideas via e-mail. Think Twitter for shopping.

The Bottom Line: Efficient, customized, and “in the know” – so, I love it. However, I have a sinking feeling that I might be urged to shop more than I already do, especially if I’m getting daily updates. But if I’m saving money by always and only buying when on sale – maybe it will even out? Only time will tell.

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    I’ve been using Shop It To Me for awhile and I love it. It’s easy enough to go in and change your preferences, so you can completely customize it even if your personal style changes a bit. I get the emails every day but I have a rule: if I buy a piece of clothing online (whether via their emails or flash sale sites), I have to auto-archive the emails for the next two weeks so I’m not tempted again so soon!

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