This Winter fashion is decidedly womanly. Sure, there are some crisp and bold statements, but overall fashion this Winter is femme and voluptuous, full of thick and colorful patterns and fabrics. Staying warm is imperative, of course, but that is what coats, hats and scarves are for!

With even a handful of these new fashions, your wardrobe will feel up to the call of rain and cold, sleet and snow, the dark beauty of Winter months. Not everyone can afford even a faux fur jacket, but everyone can afford a faux fur accent- shopping on a budget is all about creative accommodation and knowing what you are looking for before you leave the house.

10 of Our Favorite Trends for Winter Fashion 2013!

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Baroque is so sumptuous, so feminine, so powerful that even one small addition makes an entire outfit.

What are your personal favorites among the featured Winter Fashion 2013 trends? Share with us in your comments.