5 Winter Jackets that Look Great with Everything

Coming from Southern California, there is never a real need for functional winter fashion. Specifically, it never gets cold enough to necessitate real winter-ware, so the truth is that when it comes to being warm and fashionable on the occasion that it drops below 60 degrees, I’m not a natural. How to pair strappy sandals with skirts? Yes. How to pick a jacket that doesn’t look like I’ve decided to wrap myself in a blanket and call it a coat? Hard. Here’s what I’ve learned this season about picking a versatile winter jacket.

Versatile Winter Jackets

1. Black is Best

Black is Best

I know, so cliché. But my favorite jacket this winter has been my black cotton “fitted peacoat” – which is best described by what the nutcracker wears. Military in button, black and soft by material, and complimented every time I wear it, it goes with jeans to dresses and for under $100 at my local department store, is a total steal.

2. Military Trench

Military Trench

Great for layering, this jacket is always best a bit big, and paired with girly counterparts like tulle skirts, white sweaters, and of course – heels or boots. Urban Outfitters is a great place to find this look, and anything else you might want to dress it out.

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