Tees to Layer With Your Summer Dresses for Fall

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Collage of three tee shirts for layering

Don’t worry, this isn’t just another post prodding you to “put a leather on it.” (Which, admittedly, we do love!) But those stylish slips and sundresses you’ve stockpiled all summer long deserve something a bit more creative so you can keep on rocking through these transition months.

The coolest solution to come to the table works with a piece you absolutely already have in your closet and you love wearing anyway. What exactly are we hinting at? Your tried-and-true tee collection, for starters.

Layering tees under dresses may seem like a lazy girl’s way to keep warm, but hear us out: The layered look is totally ’90s, and right on time with the rest of autumn’s trends. When you layer a strappy little maxi dress over a simple tee, you’re killing two birds with one stone — giving your favorite spring and summer styles a longer shelf life and staying stylish throughout the season.

6 Tees to Layer with Dresses

Crops We Love



Extend the life of two garments when you layer up a shorter tee and a warm-weather dress. The dress hides the cropped nature of the tee, and the tee keeps the upper body warm as temps drop. Win-win!

Fab No-Sleeve Turtlenecks


When it’s not too hot and not too cold, a sleeveless turtleneck is just right.