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Tees to Layer With Your Summer Dresses for Fall

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Don’t worry, this isn’t just another post prodding you to “put a leather on it.” (Which, admittedly, we do love!) But those stylish slips and sundresses you’ve stockpiled all summer long deserve something a bit more creative so you can keep on rocking through these transition months.

The coolest solution to come to the table works with a piece you absolutely already have in your closet and you love wearing anyway. What exactly are we hinting at? Your tried-and-true tee collection, for starters.

Layering tees under dresses may seem like a lazy girl’s way to keep warm, but hear us out: The layered look is totally ’90s, and right on time with the rest of autumn’s trends. When you layer a strappy little maxi dress over a simple tee, you’re killing two birds with one stone — giving your favorite spring and summer styles a longer shelf life and staying stylish throughout the season.

6 Tees to Layer with Dresses

Crops We Love

Extend the life of two garments when you layer up a shorter tee and a warm-weather dress. The dress hides the cropped nature of the tee, and the tee keeps the upper body warm as temps drop. Win-win!

Fab No-Sleeve Turtlenecks

Green sleeveless turtleneck
Bodysuit with Turtleneck, $23, ASOS

When it’s not too hot and not too cold, a sleeveless turtleneck is just right.

Basic short sleeve tees tend to be top of mind, but this convenient trend can work with any of your classic closet staples. As you move into cooler months, move right on into long-sleeve tees.

Edgy Long Sleeve Graphics

Long sleeve pink graphic tee
Stay Cute Girls Girls Girls Pink Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $17.99, Zumiez

We never said the tee has to be plain! Add graphic interest and a skater-boy quality to feminine dresses with a long sleeve tee in a cool screen print or allover pattern.

Try TeePublic for some good options — everything is on sale, up to 35% off sitewide.

You could also work with this with fitted, lightweight knits. Whatever your climate, there’s an easy (and affordable!) layering solution that fits right in with what’s trending. So don’t even think about stashing all your sleeveless dresses away just yet! The sun may be fading, but they’ve still got plenty of time to shine.