Cropped Sweater: How To Wear It

The short-sweater is in this season – Wondering how your body and budget can rock this trendy look? Here is one cropped sweater and FIVE looks!

How to Wear Cropped Sweaters in 5 Different Ways


Cropped Sweater ($15.06 on ebay

+ any one of these choices:

skirt high

1) High-Waisted Pleated Skirt ($19.80, Forever21). Tuck in your blouse so you don’t get the chills, and rock this look. Perfect for a night out, work, or a fun weekend date.


2) Plaid Button-Up ($39.99, Gap). Tuck it in or let it loose, wear this duo with leggings, jeans, cords…you name it.


3) Sleeveless Peplum Top (Modcloth, $28.00). This is a great combo because the little bottom flare pokes out right where the sweater stops.


4) High-Waisted Pants (Express, $47.49). Don’t freak – you can do cords, jeans, or any other kind of pant (leather!) and you won’t have anything thinking “80’s.”


5) Favorite Dress (Forever21, $27.80). Yep, this is my favorite cropped-sweater combo. Pick your fave long or short dress (maxi dresses are great for this) and top with your cropped sweater to add warmth and style to your one-piece wonder.