The Only Thanksgiving Outfit You Need

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The only outfit you need this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving! The day for food, friends and family, plus reflection on and gratitude for everything that’s going well in life.

Whether you cook at home or tour your way through the dining rooms of parents and in-laws, the perfect outfit choice is the ensemble that doesn’t get in your way or attract too much attention. Of course, you want to dress well out of respect for guests and hosts, but comfort is a top priority when a huge meal is in your future.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Outfit

I find this perfect balance with one easy outfit: leggings and a flowy, lightweight tunic. As an added bonus, you can swap out shoes and accessories to tweak your look to suit any party on your calendar. Say you’re headed to your brother’s house, where the beer is served in cans out of a cooler and the vibe is ultra casual. Slip on those sneakers. Then, when you head off to your more formal in-laws, swap out the sneaks for a pair of pumps. Same outfit, different shoes, completely new look.

The Leggings

Leggings come in all shapes and sizes, so you have tons of choice here. For Thanksgiving, I like leggings that have some weight to the fabric but don’t feel like they’re painted on — something in between what you’d wear to the gym and what you’d wear to the club.


The Flowy Top

The perfect Thanksgiving tunic sits naturally without requiring a periodic reset. For me, this immediately excludes anything off-the-shoulder — for whatever reason, that style just doesn’t stay in place.

Ditto for a wrap-style top. Although I love this relaxed blouse below from Zara, I would likely be resetting the neckline constantly.

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  • Uma

    Hi Catherine ! I loved reading your blogpost ! Recently the burgundy color has caught my attention and I would love your thoughts on my collection here –

    • Thanks! I love your burgundy shoe choices, especially the chunky, lace-up boots!

      • Uma

        Thank for the kind words Catherine, oh and those are my faves too from the collection.
        I find so much inspiration from your blog ! Love it !

      • Thank you so much!