Winter Style Roundup: On-Trend Pieces for Cold Weather

Winter style pieces to keep you warm!

There’s a crisp nip in the air that can only signal one thing: winter weather has arrived. And since you’d rather your appendages not suffer from frostbite, or even frost-nibble, it’s time to get your winter style game on.

You already know the tried-and-true layering technique to keep the chill at bay. But a girl can only pile on so many shells and camis and sweaters before she moves away from stylish and into Michelin Man territory. Plus all that layering creates a whole lotta laundry, and we just don’t have time for that during party season.

So we’ve rounded up 10 — count ‘em, 10 — items that will help you warm up this winter, stylishly. Nanook of the North will be soooo jealous.

10 Must-Have Pieces for Winter Style

1. Slouchy Beanie

Beanies hold in the warmth for sure, but not all beanies are meant for the heads of fashionistas. Keep things feminine and sophisticated with a slouchy style made of a luxurious fabric like chenille.

2. Lined, Waterproof Boots

A $200 boot might seem spendy — but you’ll be thankful when it’s pouring rain and your feet are still warm, dry and cozy. Plus, if there ever was a time for women of all ages to wear combat boots, it’s now. So save up those holiday gift cards and trade them in for your own shearling-lined, waterproof boots.

3. Cashmere Wrap

Cashmere scarves are for beginners — real warmth-seekers turn to a cashmere wrap in the winter months! You could even sub in a small, cute blanket and no one would be the wiser.

4. Fleece-lined Leggings

Fleece-lined leggings are absolutely a must for cold winters. (I’m wearing a pair right now as I’m writing this post!) You can combine them with an oversized sweater, sweater dress, and nearly any style of skirt. If you’re new to leggings, start with a plain black pair and use them as a super-warm pair of tights.

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