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Fall’s It-Jacket: Three (Affordable) Ways

It is by no means cold yet, but even California girls like Kendall and Gigi have begun working outerwear into their routines. And what’s the one trend that seems to be on every leading-lady’s back? Beautiful embroidery.

On silk bomber jackets, leather moto jackets, denim jackets and more, the embroidered clothes trend is all over Instagram and paparazzi-shot, street-style pages — leaving us all searching for our long-lost, mini sewing kit. You know, the one you bought to fix all those buttons and hems, the ones you just ended up taking to the tailor anyway?

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Well, cease the search and skip the DIY. The trend is heading into its height, and now you can snag all sorts of outerwear covered with elegant embroidery — the autumn statement.

Made up of simple stitches that create eye-catching and often colorful works of art, decorative embroidery is a far-from-new embellishment technique. But it is seeing a new heyday. East Asian emblems, retro paisleys and classic florals are among the common favorites hitting the stores. You’ll also see some original gals wearing custom embroidery work, like monograms and cheeky phrases.

So how does a budget fashionista come in on this trend? With a lightweight, embellished jacket. Its perfect for the transitional season, and you can find affordable options. In honor of the season’s it-jacket, we’ve rounded up three super-chic options to experiment with and style up.

Wear now and layer later, these thread-adorned pieces are the must-haves you’ll want to hang onto season after season.

1. The understated embroidered jacket

Clothing 1

White House Black Market calls this a moto, but it looks more like a sleek bomber to me. This is understated embroidery, perfect for the fashionista who’s a novice at wearing stitching. All black with embroidered flower and fashionista, this jacket can pair easily with any casual bottom. For a retro look, try it atop an A-line skirt.

White House Black Market’s embroidered jacket is one sale right now for $84 (normally $160).

2. The embroidered leather jacket

The embroidered leather jacket is the most recent iteration ever since LPA hit the market this summer. Pia Arrobio’s gorgeous black leather style, Jacket 58, features rosy florals and studs that it-girls flocked to. Even if the jacket wasn’t already sold out, the $1,300 price tag is way out of our budget.

Embroidered jacket, moto style.

A faux leather option gives you the same look, without draining your bank account. Two options are a PU piece from Emery Rose for $47 or a Sugar Thrillz moto for $61.20.

3. The embroidered jean jacket

Embroidered denim jacket.

If the last two jackets were out of your comfort zone, this one’s for you. Don’t deny it: everyone loves a versatile denim jacket.This is the casual guy you keep in your or your bag at all times. It’s the jacket that will become your trusted, tried and true.

Pick this one up at Creation L for $69.

Which embroidered jacket is your pick?


Friday 14th of October 2016

I love the idea of having a jacket with beautiful embroidery. My husband would love it. He likes the old 50's look. I could totally do a bomber jacket and make it a little more fashionable with some embroidery.

Catherine Brock

Friday 14th of October 2016

Suzan — yes, bombers with embroidery are girly and edgy at the same time! Thanks for stopping by! ~Catherine

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