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Fall Clothing Checklist: 8 Trendy, Mix-n-Match Pieces You Need

With the looming change in season comes a distinct, nagging concern: you’ll soon have to retire your effortless sundresses and lightweight tanks in favor of thicker, plusher items. While you know you’ll acclimate to the cooler weather, you may wonder if your wardrobe will keep up. In a word, yes, thanks to this handy fall clothing checklist that touches on basics needed to keep you comfortable.

Are you ready to show off your fashion savvy this season? Read on for everything you need to know.

Fall clothing checklist

1. The white tank (or two)

Model wears white tank top, a fall clothing essential.
This is Anthropologie’s scoop-neck layering tank. It’s $38, so maybe the most expensive tank you ever bought, but the pretty neckline and loose fit makes this top super versatile.

Believe it or not, this closet staple is trending. And I assure you, a white tank will never go out of style. That means investing in one now brands you as fashion- and budget-savvy. Wear this easy top on repeat this season, and then repeat next year.

Trendy ways to wear your white tank this fall:

  • With jeans and a bomber jacket
  • Atop a maxi skirt, anchored by sandals
  • Paired with black trousers and a blazer
  • Under an oversized button-down top that’s unbuttoned

Where to shop white tanks:

  • Anthropologie for upgraded layering tanks. They’re more expensive than a Target tank, but way more stylish.
  • Amazon Essentials for affordable, casual tanks.
  • H&M tanks fall somewhere in between. They’re affordable but have more detail options, such as lace trim.

2. Maxi skirt

Close up of women's lower half, wearing floral maxi skirt.
If you act fast, you can buy this pretty floral maxi for $25 from Zulily. It’s a huge upgrade from jeans on your casual days.

Why wear pants when you can wear a floor-length skirt? Maxi skirts are versatile and flattering — a combo that makes for the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

Your options this season range from the menswear-inspired cargo maxi to delicate and flowing florals, from straight hemlines to sharkbites, with no leg slit or high ones. In other words, if the skirt length hits near your ankles, you can’t go wrong.

Trendy ways to wear a maxi this fall:

Where to shop maxi skirts:

  • Lulus for price, ease of shopping, and selection.
  • Amazon when you have time on your hands. If you have time to sort and filter, you’re practically guaranteed to find what you want.
  • Zulily for deals.

3. Bomber jacket

Model wears crop bomber jacket.
Nastygal has this cropped bomber jacket marked down from $94 to $47.

Fictional airline pilot Maverick is once again setting trends. The bomber jacket is having its moment in the fall of 2022.

Make your bomber jacket pick last by choosing a style that’s not overtly Top-Gun themed. That is, skip the olive green satin look and go with something more subdued. You’ll thank me for that advice next year, when everyone’s forgotten about “flying into the danger zone.”

Trendy ways to wear your bomber jacket this fall:

  • As noted above, with your maxi skirt and tank.
  • Atop jeans and over t-shirts.
  • With black skinny pants and an oversized button-down, untucked.

Wear to shop bomber jackets:

4. Top handle bag

Product shot of top-handle bag.
Madewell’s zip-top, top-handle bag is priced at $138. It comes in the very trendy burnished caramel as shown, as well as blue, pink, and black.

What’s there to say about the top handle bag? It’s easy, convenient, and stylish. You can find designs that are subdued and classic or bold and trendy.

There are no rules for when to carry your top handle bag. Buy a piece you love and take it with you everywhere.

Where to shop top handle bags:

5. Oversized button-down

Model wearing oversized button-down top with beige pants.
If you’re older than 23, you’ll have to overlook American Eagle’s super young models — because there are stylish finds to be had. Like this versatile oversized top for $50.

The oversized button-down top has been on the trending list for enough consecutive years that’s about to become a classic. And if it doesn’t, simply wear it next year as a tie-front top.

This season, you can wear your masculine button-down:

  • Over skinny pants or leggings, topped with a bomber if it’s cold.
  • Under a blazer, with jeans. Add statement loafers if you want to be ultra trendy.
  • As outerwear when it’s not cold enough for a heavier jacket.

Where to shop oversized button-down tops:

  • American Eagle for multiple styles in the $40 to $50 price range.
  • Free People if you have a little more to spend for something special.
  • Target for subtle picks on the cheap.

6. Blazer

Model wears light green blazer with matching pants.
J Crew’s Bristol blazer in stretch linen is a shopper favorite, with a five-star review. Pick one up in light sage for $205 (an investment piece for sure).

You’ll see all sorts of blazer interpretations on the racks this season. My advice? Choose a neutral color and then jazz it up with other parts of your outfit. Say, a floral cami or a pretty scarf.

Note that neutral doesn’t limit you to boring, boring, or boring. Experiment with light blues, taupes, or gray-greens.

Trendy ways to wear blazers this fall:

  • Pair your blazer with jeans, your white tank, and ankle booties. It’s a no-fail look.
  • Top denim shorts with a blazer and t-shirt, and anchor with sneakers. The perfect off-duty ensemble.
  • Pencil skirt plus blazer and silky top on your boss-lady days.

Where to shop blazers:

7. Black trousers

Model wears black trousers from H&M.
You can get tons of use from a pair of black pants that fit you well. This pair is budget-friendly too, priced at $30 from H&M.

Another classic style with trend status is the black trouser. As with the top handle bag, the black trouser is so versatile, you don’t need outfit pointers. Just that this season, your trouser outfits aren’t limited to work basics. Try a graphic tee or a sexy top with your trousers in the off-hours.

Where to shop black trousers:

8. LBD

Model wears little black dress.
Lulu’s Remarkable Black Dress can be yours for $62. It’s flattering and sexy, especially for athletic builds.

I love that the LBD is trending. Yes, I have a couple in my closet. But could I use a new, updated version for last-minute party invites? Absolutely.  

Of course, you already know how to wear an LBD. Heels, a strategic accessory, and the right lip color are my go-to ingredients. This season, you could layer a blazer over the right LBD for select occasions.

Where to shop LBDs:

  • Nastygal if you like to show some skin.
  • Lulu’s for style, price, and selection.
  • Any department store, including Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, and Dillards usually has good options.

Ok, so we covered all you need to know about your trendy fall clothing update: what to buy, how to wear it, and where to find it. This feels like the right time to sign off and wish you happy shopping.

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