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Faux Fur on a Budget: 5 Luxe Pieces We Love

Ah, the luxurious feel of faux fur. It’s a trend that will never truly expire, because it’s affordable, animal-friendly and oh-so-indulgent.

And as summer wanes each year, we see a new influx of creative and stylish fur pieces that’ll make fab additions to our cold-weather wardrobes. Here are a few chic finds to get you set for the upcoming cooler months.

Our Faux Fur Wish List

The poncho

Proof that fur is far more versatile than you realized: this Love Token Faux Fur poncho is a high-impact piece that feels like a wearable blanket. Plus the collar is removable for occasions when the fringe feels like enough.

Pair it with jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt and and ankle boots for an easy fall ensemble.

The coat

If you only have room for one luxe piece in your closet for the season, this might be the one. Deep red in color and plush as can be, LPA’s coat adds celebrity-level glam to any outfit. Get this one fast, as it’s currently discounted to $86 off the original price of $318.

The dress

A faux fur dress, you ask? It’s true: They’re out there, and they are crazily cozy. This ASOS DESIGN dress is a prime example of comfort at its very best. The funnel neckline rests high on the neck to keep you extra toasty on those brisk days, while the soft sweatshirt material will wrap you up like a blanket. Soft fur sleeves complete this look beautifully.

You’ll wear this dress with leggings and flats, for a fun, welcome-to-winter look.

The vest

Before it gets so cold that we can’t leave the house without a knee-length puffer, a stylish vest makes itself particularly useful. This one from Forever 21 is not just a thoughtless topper you throw on before you head out the door, either. It’ll add considerable chic appeal to any look thanks to its lean silhouette and sleek fit.

Try it with leggings and over-the-knee-boots if you’re aiming for a look as polished as it is sexy.

The bag

A great head-turning accessory destined to add a little playful sizzle to your cold-weather wardrobe, this Sondra Roberts faux fur crossbody bag is incredibly fun to wear anytime of day. Use it to brighten up plain white tees and jeans, or to add a little something unexpected to your boyfriend cardigans and skinny jeans. Bonus points for the built-in hand warmer that will see you through those especially brutal days.