The Pilgrim Dress: Not Just For Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Dress

What’s black and white and being worn all over? This quaint little number of Thanksgivings past. Popularized by the likes of Wednesday Addams and the pages of history books everywhere, the classic combo is experiencing new life ever since hitting the runways and the closets of  international It-Girls.

And why shouldn’t it? The cuffed and collared number can be tailored to the office, holiday get-togethers and even date night when you select a flirtier hemline.

Pilgrim Dresses Beyond Thanksgiving

dresses 1
dresses 2
dresses 3
dresses 4
dresses 5

Forgo the sleeves for versatile, all-season styling, trim it with lace for a romantic spin, or go for a toasty knit version for cool-weather wear. Whichever you have to have, scoop up your ideal version now for plenty of wintertime wear and more. No longer just relegated to the hokey likes of November, this specialty dress deserves a welcomed place amongst your mainstays. Click through this collection to find an interpretation all your own.

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