6 Ways to Dress Cute this Winter

Winter attire is not an easy circumstance for a gal who loves shorts and lives in sandals. Layering takes a lot of thought and attention, and when left to my own devices, ends up being an odd mix of mismatched sweaters and sweatshirts. But winter is too long to spend it marshmallow-shaped and bundled to a degree of un-recognition, so this year I’ve decided to look in to the best tips to dress cute this winter that won’t leave me cold or broke.

How to Dress Cute for Winter

1. Pull-overs

Midnight Premiere Top

Long and warm, especially when paired with jeans or skinny cords and boots. The length serves to keep your hips warm, and with a look like this you can easily take it from weekend brunch to casual Friday at work.

2. Leggings and Pantyhose: Take your favorite spring and summer skirt or dress and make it wearable during the coldest days of the year. Sporting the added layer covers your legs and saves you from having to buy another pair of pants. I love the wool and patterned options for added texture.

Autumn and Winter Fashion

3. Boots: Whether they are tall or short, pretty much anything these days can be warmed with boots. Giving you lift from the cold ground and adding an extra sheath of insulation around your ankles and toes, boots look good with everything. Except sweatpants.



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