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Snowed In: Winter Loungewear You Need Now

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For most of us, the holidays kick off the season of snug. Whether you’re stuck indoors after a freak storm or choosing to hole up with friends or fam for a long weekend indulging in festive leftovers, having a cozy coterie of winter loungewear makes all the difference.

It’s time to upgrade your long johns and ditch your old, dingy lazy-day gear for pieces you can be proud of. With a properly stocked PJ drawer, you can get out from underneath that pile of throws and truly revel in the best that snow days have to offer. Indulge in any of these laid-back looks to warm up in style.

4 Winter Loungewear Must-Haves

The Plush Robe

There’s nothing like bundling up in a warm blanket by the fire when temps drop. But instead of turning your favorite throw into a cape (don’t deny it, we’re all guilty), wrap up in something a bit more mobile — and stylish. A fur-trimmed robe works perfectly.

The Elevated PJ Set

We tend to think of pjs in their most classic, flannel fabric (and print) form. But for most of us, leggings have become the go-to stand-in for a boxy set. As a form-fitting alternative, leggings are easier to snuggle up and sleep in — since those loose sets always get bunched in the midst of the night anyway.

Get the best of both worlds with a coordinated cardi set. You’ll love the legging fit along with the matching, stylized flair that’s reminiscent of your old, reliable flannels.

The New Onesie

Black and white checkered onesie
Plaid Thermal Short Romper Pajama, $60, Victoria’s Secret

For our Californian sisters, the halfsie or short onesie is a great way to get in on the cozy and comfy loungewear action without burning up in warmer temps. This figure-flattering version of the onesie was made to be shown off during pajama parties and festive sleepovers…a stylish upgrade from reindeer-and-penguin hoodie zip-ups.

The Fuzzy Slipper

Sure, socks and a soft slipper or house shoe get the job done. But who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re walking or furry clouds? A fuzzy slipper (outside and in!) is the ultimate in cozy housewear. Cold wood and tile floors are no match for this toasty design.