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Find face and makeup tips and put your best face forward with Budget Fashionista! See what we think about anti-aging products, DIY face care and which drugstore makeup is worth your dollar. We also cover celebrity beauty tips and seasonal beauty trends.

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How to Get Better Skin! 6 Easy Tips for Healthier Skin

Want to wake up to healthy, glowing skin every day? I mean, who doesn’t? Figuring out how to get better skin may not your top priority in life right now, but maybe it falls...
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Eyelash Extensions Falling Out? Yikes! You Need this Guide to Cleaning Your Lash Extensions Now

Beauty salons are reopening — hooray! But there’s still a pandemic going on — boo. Whether you’re trying to stay home as much as possible or simply can’t on your stylist’s calendar, you’re likely...
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Quarantine Skin? Yep, It’s a Thing! Try This 5-Step Regimen to Brighten Your Look

If your skin’s been looking a little bit lackluster lately, it could be due to… well, let’s just say this list is loooong. We’re talking about stress, dehydration, lack of sunlight, and hormones, to...
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5 Amazing Beauty Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Whether you’re shopping at the drugstore, high-end department stores, or scrolling through your ad-ridden feed on Instagram, it’s hard to ignore just how many beauty brands are out there these days. With so many...
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5 Killer K-Beauty Products to Pick Up Next Time You’re at Ulta

Korean beauty products have been popular around the world for years, but hard to get your hands on here in the States. Now, some of the most popular brands and products are available at...
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Skin Problems? 4 Definitive Signs Your Skin Moisture Barrier is Damaged & How to Fix It

Your skin has superpowers -- like moisture barrier that protects against bacteria and pollutants. Is your moisture barrier damaged? Here's how to find out.
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Flushed! The Ultimate Guide to Cheek Stains Including Top 6 Picks

About Cheek Stains Stain is an unfortunate word for a beauty product, dontcha think? I mean, beauty mavens don’t want stains — we want an alluring tinge of color that highlights our bone structure....
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For the Clueless: How To Apply Night-Out Makeup That Looks Amazing

You’ve got places to go, people to see…and absolutely no idea how to do your makeup for a big night out. Whether you’re headed out for New Year’s Eve or meeting up with friends...
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Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt! You’ll Love These Everyday, Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Collections from NYX, Colourpop And More

If ever there was a time to take stock of your beauty collection, it’s now. With fall comes a slew of new releases that are sure to get you excited for the cooler months...
Paula's Choice review: bha exfoliant and peptide booster

The Skin Care Line That Wants You To Know The Truth About What Goes On Your Face

What Paula’s Choice is a U.S.-based, cruelty-free, fragrance-free skin care line that came about because founder Paula Begoun didn’t like her options on the shelves. Begoun’s own battles with acne and eczema drove her...
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Ecolips Lip + Cheek Tint Review

What EcoLips Lip + Cheek Tints are 5-in-1 color sticks with an oversized applicator that you can use for lip color, eye color, blush, contouring and highlighting. The colors are noticeable but still sheer,...
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Stunning Makeup Looks to Complement Brown Eyes

Nearly 55 percent of the world’s population has brown eyes — which means brown is the world’s most common eye color. But what is common need not be boring. Brown eyes are actually super...
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The Best Beauty Looks on Instagram Right Now

Where but Instagram can you go to find the most inspiring makeup looks in the world? It’s a hotbed of endless ideas for those of us who can’t get enough of electrifying color combos,...
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Beauty News: Your Makeup Might Be Making You Sick

Thank you to Rejuva Minerals for sponsoring this post about clean beauty and providing the products reviewed below. All opinions are my own. Walk into Walmart today and you’re sure to find beauty products...
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Spring Beauty Trends We Love

The countdown is on! With spring mere weeks away, it’s time to start making room in the closet for your fresh florals and pretty prints. Along with those come a slew of gorgeous beauty...
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Best Anti-Aging Skin Care for $15 or Less

There’s a myriad (yes, we’re using our SAT words) of anti-aging beauty products/ wrinkle creams out there. And each claims to erase 10, 20, 30 years from your face. All that youth comes at...
Cult beauty classics -- collage of beauty products

8 Cult Beauty Classics Everyone Should Own

Every fashionista has a few ride-or-die products in her beauty routine — you know, the ones you might just sacrifice your life’s savings for? (Understandable.) In the wide and varied world of trendy products,...
Orange and vial of vitamin C serum

Vitamin C Serums: What’s the Story?

Vitamin C is something of a cure-all. We ingest it to prevent the sniffles from turning into a full-blown cold, and we smear it on our faces to brighten mature skin and reduce age...
Woman holding towel to her head after hard workout

Post-Workout Primping: How to Look Polished in Minutes

Your workout is a testament to your serious commitment to your health. While it’s amazing to lock in some quality time at the gym or enjoy a heart-pumping walk in the park, there’s always...
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Which Makeup Products Match Your Personality Type

While it might not have been the very first personality test, the Myers-Briggs test is world-renowned for its accuracy when detailing unique characteristics of human personalities. The four-letter naming system is simple yet precise,...
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5 Waterproof Mascaras You Need This Summer

Whether you’re channeling your inner beach goddess or can’t trust yourself not to shed a tear or two at your best friend’s wedding this summer, you need waterproof mascara to see you through the...
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