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Help! What Can I do About Early Signs of Aging?

Help! What Can I do About Early Signs of Aging?
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A Budget Fashionista reader recently wrote in to ask:

Hi Catherine!! I love your blog. I’d like to ask you a few questions. Firstly, my problem is that I’m only 25, yet I see the signs of aging apparent on my face. I’m worried because my mother has had sagging skin on the face and neck since her early 30s.

Even though she has really dry skin, she’s got visible pores all over her face because her skin has lost a lot of elastin. I fear it’s genetic, so I might have it too. I already have dark circles and skin thinning around the eye area. I have oily nose region, but dry skin otherwise and pores have started to appear.

My skin isn’t as plump and supple as it once was and it’s becoming dull and beginning to sag. A dermatologist suggested procedures like Botox that are expensive and that, I feel, are a little too early to indulge in. Can you please suggest a good eye cream and retinoids for the face and neck that I can use as a night cream? Also, any other skin care advice is more than welcome. Thanks!

Botox injection

Problem: Dull, Sagging Skin on Me and My Mom

This young fashionista is facing a complex problem. She sees early signs of aging on her own face, has watched her mom age prematurely, and she’s not trusting the advice from her dermatologist. While I’m happy to recommend the anti-aging products I use, this reader needs more. She needs an informed opinion from an objective dermatologist.

To get that for her, I reached out to dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, with two questions. First, is our reader destined to have prematurely aging skin because of her genes? And secondly, since she’s only 25, are retinoids an appropriate treatment for her? Read on for Dr. Bhanusali’s advice.

Budget Fashionista: Is it known how much of skin aging is hereditary vs. environmental? 

Dr. Bhanusali: Both play a very big part. Certain ethnicities tend to get fewer wrinkles as they age and instead, get deepening of the furrows. While there are certain people who are blessed with great genes, those who aren’t can do certain things to help themselves minimize the appearance of aging. For starters, avid sun protection or avoidance is key. You should start every day with a moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 30.

I also like to add in anti-oxidants. These protect you from pollutants and other environmental agents that can damage your skin. At night, I recommend retinoids or retinol. I love RoC’s RETINOL CORREXION line, because it allows you to use a retinoid even if you have sensitive skin (like myself!). It’s the best ingredient on the market and pretty much a “must use” for everyone.


Budget Fashionista: Are there any issues/concerns with using retinoids on younger skin? 

Dr. Bhanusali: There aren’t! Most people actually use retinoids when they are younger to help with acne and acne scars. As you get older, the other benefits mentioned above tend to take center stage. Outside of sunscreen, it’s the single best thing you can do for your skin every day, and many of my patients start young and use them forever.

I do stop the medication in any patients who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. But otherwise, there is no downside to using the medication. Just make sure to moisturize often and minimize UV exposure!

You can find RoC RETINOL CORREXION Daily Moisturizer with SPF at for $19.99.

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