Beauty Advice: Great Make-Up Brushes on a Budget?

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Dear Budget Fashionista,
Do you have any recommendations for decent makeup brushes?

Answer: The Sonia Kashuk line at Target is hands down the best make-up brush line for the money. For the price of one angle brush from a cosmetic company like MAC, you can score a whole set of high quality brushes, like the set above ($14.99 at Target) from the line.

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  • sindy

    I love the elf mineral line eyeshadow primer it is very comparable to UDPP its only 3 dollars you cant beat that even with shipping its still cheaper and just as good in my opinion.

  • Jameelah Najah

    I have a travel kit from Sonia Kashuk very similar to this 1 minus mirror and angle brush. They are soft and good quality for the price however my blush brush came off handle but you can glue the metal part back to the wood handle. I have a regular size powder(face), blush, and angle brush by Maybelline I love them as well very,very good quality and soft.

  • Stef

    Eyeliner brush advice:

    Of all the eyeliner brushes I have tried, the chanel pinceau paupieres was by far the best. But, who wants to spend $30 on a brush? After losing it, I bought Sephora’s store-brand “lip brush” and cut a clean, straight line across the brush hairs (about 1/4”). Only about $5, and because the hairs are so densely packed, it really provides for a smooth application. Try with Smashbox’s cream liner pots.

  • greekprincess

    There are a few companies out there that are cheap with high quality. You could say they get them before the name brand is on them. I found some here You can see all of the sets and cases right on this page.

  • Have you seen the brush sets at Forever Beautiful Cosmetics? They are very cheap in price but high in quality. I have three sets myself. If you want to see them they are here

  • LC

    I bought the pictured set and love it!  So soft and, I got it on sale, a great deal.  I highly recommend.

  • lynn

    I have those exact brushes and while the eye shadow brushes are good, the powder & blush brush have been shedding all over the place for me.  just a friendly warning.

  • The Target brushes are fine. I have had a few stray hairs fall from them, but that is to be expected with any cheap brush. My favorite cheap brushes though are the Essence of Beauty brushes that CVS pharmacies sell. They have a full line at incredible prices.

  • I have this exact brush set, and it is very good.  It is good to know my picks match the BF’s!

  • Miss E

    I have recently discovered Avon brushes. The prices are pretty good too—about 2.99-7.99. Its a bit more than Elf brushes but to be honest, they are a much better quality.  Avon’s Mark line also offers a small travel set that fits right into your cosmetic bag.  It’s ony 15.00 and its’s really cute.

    I found that the elf brushes are’nt as soft as they could be.(The brush actually fell off of the handle of my face brush after a couple of weeks).  But they are a dollar so I dont expect too much. I do still use some of the eyeshadow, and eyelining brushes from elf though.

  • Cristal

    use this

  • Sasha

    $14.99 is a great price for all those brushes.  I got my make-up brushes at Nordstrom Rack.  They sell them individually for about $2-$3 each, so you can mix and match depending on what types you want.

  • TBF

    Here’s the issue with e.l.f. the customer service is inconsistent at best (most would say that it’s virtually non existent) and several readers have had problems receiving their shipment.
    Target is a better (although slightly more expensive option) than e.l.f because you know you will receive the brushes in the shape you expect to receive them in.

    That being said, if e.l.f can get itself together.. it would be a phenomenal option for those of us on a budget.

    here’s a post a wrote about elf last year

  • suz

    Nothing can beat elf’s prices (or the Target kit price) but for specialty shapes/sizes/textures, an art supply store will have good options. And in NYC, Ricky’s house brand is a good bet and a bit cheaper than MAC.

  • Maureen

    I use e.l.f brushes too. And like the previous poster said you can’t beat the prices.

  • nim

    e.l.f brushes are grrrreat. I ordered the small trave l set as a present, and got the eye liner brush and they are awesomeness. and you cant beat the price.