E.L.F Cosmetics: Yes or No?

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  • February 17, 2013
  • Updated January 27, 2019
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You know we’re always on the hunt for a bargain, and e.l.f. cosmetics certainly fits under that category. If you’re out of the loop, e.l.f. is a makeup company that sells products through their online store and at local chains and drugstores. Some of their makeup products are in the $1 range with a few eye shadows coming in at a mere $3. It’s hard to trust a makeup that’s so inexpensive, so you probably want to know, “Is the quality any good?” We wanted to know too, so we did a little digging. Let’s decide.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Products Review


Essential Nail Polish

e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish, $2.00

e.l.f. cosmetics products are amazingly priced. We love that we can snatch up a nail polish color just to try it for $2.00. The low prices really open up the possibilities. You can easily throw a few products in a gift basket for a friend. Or, if your 5 year old niece wants to play dress up, you can buy about 10 products for her to play with without breaking the bank. Similarly, you can experiment and see what works best for you without a huge initial investment.


Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick, $1.00

e.l.f. has several great products, but also a few that we would pass on. The liquid lipstick is a nice color, but many have reported that the lip gloss containers leak. The $1.00 false eyelashes are a steal, but using a different eyelash glue is recommended. The mineral eye shadows work well and are inexpensive, but the e.l.f. makeup brushes are poor quality. The nail polishes, mascara, and eyeliner are all good and are on par with slightly pricier brands.


elf Mascara

Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara, $3.00

As far as reliability of e.l.f. as a company, many, many people have reported that purchasing e.l.f. products in a store is the way to go (even though online prices might be slightly cheaper.) Shipping takes a long time if you order online, and often products are missing or backordered. For reliability of the products, they do have a nice shelf life with the nail polishes needing to be used the quickest before they separate.

What We Say

Mineral Eye Shadow

e.l.f. mineral eye shadow, $3.00

We think e.l.f. cosmetics are worth a try, especially if you incorporate some of your higher quality tools with them, like your nice set of makeup brushes. Start with some mineral eye shadow. If it doesn’t stick or blend well, try pairing it with an eye shadow primer of a different brand. We think you’ll be happy with the mascara, eyeliner, and liquid lipstick, which can save you a ton of money in the long run. Of course, everyone is different with different skin types and tones, so just give it a shot and see what works best for you.

Check out this video of e.l.f’s latest Beauty Bundle

Have you tried any e.l.f. Cosmetics products? Feel free to weigh in.

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    Blog Comments

    Hey Fashionista!  This is a GREAT website and thank you for keeping me up-to-date in fashion and beauty.  I’m ready to shop for Fall06!

    I’ve tried e.l.f. cosmetics.  For the most part, you get what you paid for.  I agree that the eyeshadows are subpar.  The eyeliners are pretty good as well as the lip glosses.  For a buck, you can’t go wrong with those and you can get a bunch!

    I totally agree about the eyeshadow.  I tried one and it was dry and chalky and creased up within the hour.  However, I just got a few of their shimmering facial whips and they aren’t bad.  Fairly good colour and can be used as an eyeshadow/lip colour.  Or, if you are good at blending (which I am not), also a cheek colour.  My only concern with these is that I think they may be a bit irritating to my skin.  It’s a bit too soon to tell though.  I’ve also tried their foundation brush, which works very well for $1.  I couldn’t find any drugstore variations, so it was that or go very high end for the brush.  At the time I wasn’t even sure if I would like or be good at applying my foundation with a brush so I did not want to shell out big bucks for it.  Also, I really like their soothing lip gloss, which has pretty good staying power, shine, and colour.

    I bought the brushes from elf and these brushes are just as good as any of the professional brushes out there and I also bought some of the lip glosses. Now the lip gloss is good, but the flavors I can do without.

    I purchased several things just to see if they were too good to be true.  The brushes are a geat deal – comparable to higher end at specialty stores.  Lip products have a strange chemical smell.  Like the tinted moisturizer – very blendable and fresh feeling.

    I’m not a make-up snob at all, but I tried the eye shadow and brow gel and thought they were worthless

    I’ve tried the concealer and a lipgloss. Both were pretty decent, and I am a black woman – sometimes it is hard to find decent foundation for my skin.

    I’ve tried their products and i wasn’t too thrilled.  The price is excellent but the products can be better.

    How does anyone feel about the products being produced in China?  Used to be lotions, makeup, etc., were made in USA.  Do USA regulations and purity translate to China?

    Cristina Esparza Argumedo

    China Hater

    Watch “Death by China” and you will understand why you should NOT by products made over there.

    Mnsissy, you’re absolutely right, but Argumedo is just a nasty and utterly forgettable little troll who spouts the same nonsense on multiple blogs. Just ignore her, and don’t provide her with the attention she craves.

    I received my order today, and was pretty unimpressed with the contents. First, it was missing a few items that are one the list enclosed. And for some reason they gave me a 5-gloss gift set instead of the 9-brush holder/case that I had actually ordered. A call to customer service left me with a somewhat sketchy voicemail. It was like someones cell phone and the recording called the cosmetic company by another name and not elf. Hopefully someone will call back….Customer service/order accuracy aside, I found the blush, eyeshadow and nail polish to be rather small. The blush was the size youd expect on a eyeshadow palette. Aziza has $1 products thats are full sized…So Im not buying the whole ‘you get what you pay for’…bc I could have gotten more for what I paid for.

    The brushes are a great buy though (cant comment on the eyeshadow brush, bc its missing from the order). I would recommend buying just a little the first time you shop with them, make sure you like the product before you dive in for one in every color. And definately stock up on some brushes! : )

    I love this line!  I tend to go for a natural, or understated look.  I am happy with my burts bees powder, tinted moisturizer, and concealer, so I did not try ELF’s. 

    I love the little custom compacts.

    I love the crystal mascara, because it has two sides, so the eyelashes dont have to “share” with the eyebrows!

    I actually like that the sizes are smaller, because I like to change my cosmetics out so I can keep my colors current.  I also find that if I change out my cosmetics yearly, I don’t break out as much from them.

    I had problems with MAC and Burts bees lip products changing colors on me, ELF didnt change color.

    The brushes are fabulous, and far exceeded my expectations.

    I placed an order 8 business days ago and nothing in the mail yet and my credit card hasn’t been charged. I just checked the account section of the website and my order isn’t even on the record despite the email confirmation I have from when I placed the order. Very frustrating… just filed a complaint/inquiry with the company.

    How do u fill a complaint inquiry. They did the same to me

    I submitted an order and I referred over ~50 of my friends.  After the transaction was completed, my account disappeared along with the credits from the friends I referred.  I filed a complaint regarding my missing account and have yet to hear from them.  I’m not too happy with their customer service.

    I was pretty sceptical when I placed my order but love to experiment, especially when the products are inexpensive.  I was thrilled everything!  I especially love the Hypershine Gloss, Therapudic Conditioning Balm, Soothing Lip Balm, makeup brushes, and mascara.  All were at least as good as my department store versions.  I really can’t tell a difference.

    I started out buying some eyeshadow, lipgloss, and brow gel. The eyeshadow is OK – some of the colors are not too good though. The lipgloss is ok (doesn’t last the longest), and I love the brow gel. I also got two brushes and they are great. Much better quality than what I found in stores – and just $1!!!
    I tried their oil blotting sheets and those aren’t the best. You have to use several just to cover your face. I prefer the lightly powdered sheets.

    I was trying to customize a kit and when I hit the last button to order, it only charged me for the make up bag and left out all my brushes and make up!! Then it emailed me 3 times about the order!! I contacted customer service and now I have to wait 3-5 days for s response. O-yeah, I inquired about a re-fund too. From the looks of things, I think I will stick with my local Sephora and Macy’s from now on.


    Do NOT order from this company!!! They are the most unresponsive/unorganized mickey mouse operation I have ever encountered.  I ordered upwards of $80 worth of product over a month ago and am yet to receive a thing!

    Sorry about the length of my rant, but I just want you to know of what is in store if you make the same mistake that I did of ordering from e.l.f.

    Initially my order confirmation stated that I would receive my products in 5-7 days.  After about three weeks of waiting, since they don’t publish a phone number, I emailed to inquire about the status of my order.  Although an automated response stated that they would respond to my inquiry within a couple days, it took nearly a week. And even then, it was just a pretty much automated email that stated that it would take 5-7 weeks for my order to even ship out their door and that they are sure that I would LOVE the products.

    Subsequently, I wrote back to see if it would be possible to cancel my order and they sent me back the same exact email—not answering my question at all. So I wrote back again, making note of the fact that they didn

    Someone ordered $94 in cosmetics from this company using my credit card without my permission. I noticed this right away and contacted Elf Cosmetics twice within 2 days of this order being placed. This order could of been stopped, but instead they did not even have the decency to call me back. I canceled my credit card and was issued a new one. Luckily my credit card company did not make me pay for this fraudulent charge. I would never do business with a Company like this.

    I am normally a bit of a makeup snob. I worked in high-end cosmetics (Too Faced, 3 Custom Color, Vered, Molton Brown, Joey New York, Bare Escentuals, Rocket City, Profaces, Girl Cosmetics, Bloom, Alchemy, etc) for several years and have done makeup for pageants, weddings, etc. Most of the time, I would never have given cosmetics that cost $1 a second look. But the stuff looked cute, and I thought I’d give it a try. That was five weeks ago.

    To this day, I have yet to recieve anything. My credit card has been charged, but my order has not even shipped. I have sent emails inquiring about where my order is, but I get very vague answers. Today, they also told me that it takes 7-14 days once shipped. I replied and told them that if I paid $7 for shipping it had better not take that long to be delivered. I agree with user above that they are probably just stalling. My order was about $40. Maybe my order is not large enough for them to care about? Or are they making the product as the orders come in? They shouldn’t sell products they don’t have in stock. I am more than frustrated.

    So I would love to give a review on the product line; however, due to the incompetancy of e.l.f. cosmetics, I am unable to do so. Maybe I’ll get the chance, who knows?

    Do any stores in Michigan carry this product or isit just available on line.


    target and some meijers stores carry the line in sw Michigan

    Old navy does too.

    I have used their all over color stick, eye shadows and lip glosses and am very pleased with all of them. I have even gotten compliments on the makeup and lots of people ask me where I buy it.

    It doesn’t make me break out either like most make up does. I am going to buy from them regularly.

    I just ordered this brand from drugstore.com
    and i don’t think i’m going to have a problem with the shipping…i hope =0)

    I’m using the make up for stocking stuffers so, i can’t be that bad of an idea…

    I’ll keep u updated on how it turned out

    WARNING: NO RETURNS!!!!!!!  Custom Service – nonexistent!

    I had a terrible experience with E.L.F.  I ordered the 100 piece kit, thinking how much fun it would be to play with that many new colors.  It took over 2 months to get the products. And when the order finally arrived, it was incomplete.  An enclosed letter said I would be credited for the missing items, but I never have been.  I ended up with tons (probably 80 pieces) of very, poor quality lip gloss.  ELF glosses have thick, heavy, sticky texture and leaves a film on your mouth even after trying to wipe it off.  My fiance hates when I wear their brand, which is fine b/c I don’t like wearing it due to the texture and appearance. 

    I tried to contact ELF many time electronically and never received a response.  Only after calling the number on my credit card and reaching a “this number has been changed and the new number is” recording and then trying that number did I reach a corporate headquarters recording.  I left a message on a “general mailbox” option and informed them I was filing a dispute with my credit company and after a couple weeks got a call from a real person.  She told me they have a NO RETURN policy.  I asked where that information was available b/c I had certainly never seen it.  She said if I went to their website and hit the shopping cart link, that way down in the lower right hand corner, in little letters is a link to their return policy.  No returns is their policy. 

    I am going to continue with the dispute paperwork from my credit card company and file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. 

    I would warn anyone who is curious about this product to beware…….

    WARNING: NO RETURNS!!!!!!!  Custom Service – nonexistent!

    I had a terrible experience with E.L.F.  I ordered the 100 piece kit, thinking how much fun it would be to play with that many new colors.  It took over 2 months to get the products. And when the order finally arrived, it was incomplete.  An enclosed letter said I would be credited for the missing items, but I never have been.  I ended up with tons (probably 80 pieces) of very, poor quality lip gloss.  ELF glosses have thick, heavy, sticky texture and leaves a film on your mouth even after trying to wipe it off.  My fiance hates when I wear their brand, which is fine b/c I don’t like wearing it due to the texture and appearance. 

    I tried to contact ELF many time electronically and never received a response.  Only after calling the number on my credit card and reaching a “this number has been changed and the new number is” recording and then trying that number did I reach a corporate headquarters recording.  I left a message on a “general mailbox” option and informed them I was filing a dispute with my credit company and after a couple weeks got a call from a real person.  She told me they have a NO RETURN policy.  I asked where that information was available b/c I had certainly never seen it.  She said if I went to their website and hit the shopping cart link, that way down in the lower right hand corner, in little letters is a link to their return policy.  No returns is their policy. 

    I am going to continue with the dispute paperwork from my credit card company and file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. 

    I would warn anyone who is curious about this product to beware…….

    I’ve still yet to be credited with the $25 they still owe me for the products they never shipped. The first time I emailed them, nothing. I tried again and got $2 back. I emailed another 2 times and this point I give up. Never ordering from ELF ever again.

    I ordered a bunch of stuff, totaling $10 from e.l.f.  It took them about 6 weeks to get my stuff to me.  The eyeshadows, I agree, are what I used to use for my Barbie head.  (never had a Barbie head, but if I did…..)  The lip glosses are okay but they wear off too fast.  The eyeliner is kinda smudgey.  At the end of the day, I gave most of it to my little niece and use only the lip glosses they sent me in the CORRECT COLOR.

    I have tried elf and it is the worst.  The lipgloss tastes and smells like the worst type of rotted plastic.  And yes, you definately go get what you pay for.  Don’t like it that it’s made in China…at all!  But i will say that I have tried Mode cosmetics, made with natural ingredients.  It’s lip gloss is awesome and it’s only 3 bucks!  it takes like a grapefruit.  and its made by 2 girls, not men. try it out http://www.modecosmetics.com

    I think the products themselves are ok, but this company SUCKS! Their fulfillment and delivery time are ridiculous! I received my order (FINALLY) only to discover that 10 items were missing because they were out of stock! This would have been acceptable if the company had notified me the items were out of stock and given me the option to select something else, or not charge me for the items. However, they charged me the full cost (even for the items they did not ship) AND the full shipping cost. There was a note in my shipment, WRITTEN IN PENCIL NO LESS, that any items out of stock would be refunded. Its been two months since I ordered, no products have been received to date, and no refund, no credit to my account, no credit to my card. Website gives no company contact information whatsoever, so getting in touch with them is next to impossible! For the $10 I lost, I could have purchased more expensive products, or dealt with a more reliable company. There is NO WAY I will ever deal with ELF again! I don’t care if they GIVE their stuff away!

    I got my E.L.F make up about three days ago. I wasn’t sure which one was the foundation and which one was the coverstick but Im just using it how I think I should. I have gotten so many compliments and even from my husband. He was like wow did you order some more clinique? haha no it’s elf! I like the way it makes my face look. I like all of their products and everyone is making a big deal about the eyeshadow but i think it’s great. it goes on my eyes great. The only thing i don’t like is the smell of the lipglosses. but i can deal with that to say beautiful 🙂 i DO reccomend this product. But i wouldn’t buy over thirty dollars worth at a time…i see ppl are having trouble with big orders … i order 20 dollars worth at a time. oh and the powder is awesome!

    I have tried e.l.f. lip glosses and eye pencil, and eye shadow. Unfortunately, their quality is sub-par. After I discovered they are manufactured in China (which is why they are so cheap) I will not be buying from them again.

    I just received my order of e.l.f cosmetics on the 8th day after my order was completed.
    I had no problems with the order being incorrect, nor did they take any longer than I had anticipated. I was able to monitor the status of my order as well, which was nice.
    When I openned the package I have to say that I was a little surprised at how small the items were – having been under the impression they were *full* size – I feel their photos aren’t exactly accurate, and as a graphic designer it seems to me the All Over Cover Stick pictures have either been elongated or they now sell a different package for the product..
    Despite that, I LOVED the soothing lip gloss and the cover sticks did just about what I thought they would, sufficiently. I didn’t buy the eyeshadow (as much as I really wanted to, I refrained because you never know sometimes) and from what I hear, I made a good call. I may put in an order again but it seems I got lucky with my shipment so drugstore.com might be a better alternative as there isn’t a Target near me (Ontario).

    I love most of the elf products; the lip glosses(except the hypershine gloss, it feels thick and heavy on my lips), the face powders(are amazing), the brushes(best I have ever tried), the Shielding Hydro-Tint SPF 15(love this stuff, and it smells so sweet!), and I love the bronzers(even though they are a but shimmery). The eye shadows are cute but are a bit too shimmery, but for a dollar I can’t complain!!!!Just so you know I have senitive skin, and this stuff doesn’t irritate my skin. 😀

    I’ve had no problems with their costumer service yet(even though,when you call they sound a bit unprofessional) one of my face powders came in pieces, so I called and they told me they’d replace it…I had to call a second time after a week of waiting, and then they put in the order again…4 days later I got my replacement 😀
    So far I’ve gotten my shipments on time.
    I order a lot from them, they are great for gifts…I mean you can buy someone a whole makeup kit for less than 20 dollars!!!! You can’t beat that.

    Elf is just plain horrible!!!! Products are very very poor in quality (don’t get me started on the eyeshadows) and I can’t say much more about their service either. ELF PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN CHINA!!! 🙁 God only knows what they put in the stuff over there!  After the pet food scare from China I would not buy anything made there, especially makeup! I mean we lick the stuff and it goes in our body and I am not taking any chances on these Chinese cosmetics again! Figures…for $1 what else would you expect.

    Cristina Esparza Argumedo

    another China hater…..and bytheway …im the only one who show my reaL name ?

    I had a pretty good experience with elf cosmetics.  I have ordered from them several times and always got my package within 2 weeks.  Once they didnt have something that I ordered but they highlighted it on my packing slip and credited the money back to my credit card.

    I think that their hypershine lip glosses are excellent. 

    Their brushes are good for the money however, the face brush is not as soft as the more expensive brushes but it does its job..(except when the brush head separated from the handle). 

    Otherwise the eyeliner, eyeshadow brush, and the lip brushes are still going strong. 

    Also, the concealers and face powders for darker skin girls(like Gabrielle Union and darker) are non existant.

    I would still reccomend this site…Come on a dollar? Just dont give up on your regular beauty fixes.

    ELF RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE ELF. especially the eyeshadow. its amazing. i love the lip gloss, and the face powder, and the brushes. and u cant beat the prices with a stick!


    I disagree with you on the ELF cosmetics. I am a make-up artist FX and Glam. I would compare the quality to that of Victoria’s Secret. Not NARS or MAC but I would say with what they offer it’s pretty nice. I splurged on over $100 bucks worth and got to try practicaly the whole line. The eye shadow is very satiny smooth and the color sticks realy go the extra yardage. I think you get far beyond what you pay for. The corn silk shadows are weak but the mineral blend was right on. I was highly impressed. It beats most department brands. The Brush quality compared to the sable blend are actualy impressive. Also the Hydro tint cleared up a 10 year acne problem I had. Bizzar actualy. I use ELF now for my personal stash. I’d still use the MAC though… sniffes it’s a shame I can’t use it when it’s there. It’s not personal use. Sucks! But seriously I don’t think you’d be disapointed with ELF TRY it it’s too cheap not to!

    the prices went up to 4$ for everything, might as well buy a drug store brand if its 4 now.

    I just received another order from Elf and everything was great(mostly hypershine lip glosses)

    I did have a customer service question and I contacted theem phone but I received no answer.  I sent them an email and received a response by the next morning, so I recommend using email if you want an actual response.

    Oh, and I just checked Elf’s website and everything still appears to be $1.  Elf cosmetics is also sold in some drugstores.

    Oh gosh sorry, I am so silly, i was checking the australian website where everything was listed as 4$, Everything is sitll 1$ sooo sorry for the mixup 🙂

    I just recently got some stuff from them. I LOVE their compacts, it fits the mac eyeshadows, as well as milani and nyx, and for 1$ you cant beat it. Only prob with the compact is that the lid isnt see through like mac’s is. I also got some brushes from them and they’re awesome. I got the eyeshadows the elements customizable ones and they are really light, sheer, and shimmery. they have this horrendous smell to them, most of the stuff does. I got blush from them which is good color wise, but it has the smell too. Dont even bother getting the elements customizable lip stuff, it smells horrendous, i put it on for 1 minute and took it off. havent tried the lipglosses, may be next time.

    I cannot make any comment on anything but the brushes and the double ended lipglaze, but the brushes are about as good as any mid price range, and the lipgloss is fantastic, nicely minty and the shades perfectly between opaque and clear.

    most likely you guys payed for all that crap with your credit card, so complain to your credit card company! cc companys have some rules about disputing charges. it goes something along the lines that if your not happy with the product you bought and are having problems returning it they end up not paying the merchant for it, so they take the charge off. so yea try that!

    I bought eyeliner, eyeshadow, and an orange scented color stick in pink lemonade. love the scent, and was very satisfied with all three items.  no complaints at all! i ordered from drugstore.com. i saw elf items in nyc at either rite aid or duane reade. im going to go check to see if i can find them, id like to get more!

    I’ve never tried their products, but if I could find their blotting sheets in stores (50 for $1!), I wouldn’t hesitate to buy those.

    I ordered a ton of things from the elf website…i got over excited at the price, i ordered everything.  It may not be the best or top of the line, but you won’t be dissappointed, love the lip plumping lip gloss and the cheek stick!

    I have seen their product and it looks good. been to their site and looks quite pro. however, why are most of u complaining that its MADE IN CHINA. wads wrong with tt. u all sounded racists or smth.

    I just got the foundation brush, foundation stick, color stick, and plumping gloss today. I had to travel far for it, to a deep discount store. The store I bought it from was kind of dirty so the stuff I got was all dusty. But one I unwrapped it , the little compacts it comes in are really cute, and it looks smaller than full size, but I am not complaining about size for a buck, actually I think it seems better smaller.  I am afraid of the cleanliness of the product since it was so dusty where I bought it from. Hope it comes cleaner if I decide to order it from the internet. But I don’t get the big deal with it being made in China, except that I wonder how clean the factories are,since the I don’t know if they have the same quality inspection rules that we do in the United States, but I always thought alot of the stuff you buy at the drugstore were made in China or Taiwan anyways so I figured it didn’t matter.  But I don’t know maybe I am wrong.

    By the way the foundation brush looks like it should cost 10 bucks it is pretty nice for a dollar.

    Yeah! i agree with Fist, definetly. SOOO racist sounding that u are all like

    CHINESE CRAP! i mean seriously dont u like fortune cookies?!? or noodles??! or paper/!?/

    I’ve been seeing the ELF brand featured in many mags (cosmopolitan, glamour, in style, etc…) so I decided to try it out for myself.  Well, I placed my order about 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive anything.  It really frustrates me since I’ve been super excited to try out the ELF brushes that everyone AND their mom has been raving about!  I emailed their customer service and left a message on their 1800#.  Hopefully I’ll be receiving my order tomorrow, *crosses my fingers*.  Once I receive my order, I’ll be sure to give my full review on the ELF products itself and not the terrible customer service!

    Well I just placed my order today! I got mostly brushes, and for a dollar I cant imagine I would be disappointed. At least I would hope not. I guess we will see in 5-7 days =)

    I found ELF at a Target near my house. Target carries a limited selection. I love the blotting papers, great for Houston’s hot summers and so cheap.

    I happen to be at a K-Mart store looking for some eyeshadows with good colors. Then I ran across e.l.f products. I’m thinking $1.00? It’s gonna turn me a different color!

    I love the idea of the custom eyeshadow compacts you can get. You can pick out your own colors that you know you’ll use instead of buying a $4.00 Cover Girl one you might only use 1 or 2 colors of.

    I also bought a Moisture Care Lip Color. It is a great product.

    The only complant I have is that the eyeshadows go on pretty easy and it’s kind of hard to control them.

    But I’d have to say it’s and overall great line for only a buck.

    I have tried a number of elf’s lip products.  I like them.  They are not on the level of MAC, or some of your other well known (and more expensive) cosmetics, but they are pretty good.  And, come on, you can’t beat $1 for lipgloss!

    I have only purchased the eye makeup remover pads any I think they’re amazing. I’m a cheerleading who has to wear tons of eyeliner, shadow, and mascara and the pads take the makeup off easily.

    Of the items that I have received, I have been very happy. However, half of my order did not come-I have contacted elf four times and no one has contacted me! I am disappointed because I would order from them again, IF I could be reassured that I would get my entire order.

    BEST – and I mean BEST – eyelash curler I have ever used.  My daughters wanted the curler, too, but I went to Target today (8/1) and can’t find the line.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    I ordered from elf a couple of months ago and I got the stuff right away. I was missing one kit from my order so I called them and they said they’d send it right away. I got it the following week. I liked most of the stuff I tried. I didnt really like the eyeshadow cuz it doesnt have much pigment and I didnt like the tweezers cuz it breaks the hair rather than pull it out. I really like the glosses, the blush and the lash curler. I love love LOVE the concealer. It’s better than any of the department store brands I have used. I gave my new smashbox concealer to my sister cuz the elf one worked so much better. I want to try the all over cover stick and the foundation next. The only negative thing I would say is that I dont care too much for the smell. Most of the stuff is scented and it could do without. It’s totally worth it to give it a try, especially if you find it at a local store. My Target doesnt carry it but I found it at Food 4 Less!

    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and MISSING ITEMS WTIH EVERY ORDER!!!  They say they’ll refund you for the missing items, but they never do. Even if they did refund you, you have to go back on their site and reorder, which means you have to repay the $5 shipping and handling just to get one or two $1 items, when they made the mistake not to say on their website that it was out of stock.

    TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE company that steals your money and doesn’t follow standard business practice. No matter how good the makeup is (which the mascara and brushes are good, but the rest is like little girl makeup), it is not worth ending up having to pay shipping and handling to receive one item, after having paid for 10, and never receiving the other ten items or given back your money for them.

    I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH to warn people about shopping online with this company!!

    Terrible company!! Customer Service Sucks!! I ordered a couple weeks ago-havent recieved my order. Everytime I contact the company to see when it will ship- they continue to say 5-7 days, well its way past 7 days. My credit card has been charged!!! Now this morning when I logged on my account doesnt exist. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY

    I am highly disappointed with e.l.f. I am not really angry that it took so long to receive my products (3 weeks), but I am more upset that I ordered items and they charged my charge card before shipping the items. When they did ship I didn

    I just bought some brushes as well as several of the eyelashes.  I am pleased as punch with all, and as far as I am concerned, I could have paid 5 times as much and not gotten any BETTER!  Thanks.  I’ll be back!

    I recently bought one of everything from E.l.F.  I love it!  The brushes are fantastic, the eyeshadow and blush stayed on all day.  I ordered three colors of the lip gloss and all three look really good.  I did not receive four items and they said they will refund my money.  Time will tell on that one.  My order came really quick.

    I absolutely rave about ELF. I agree. Shadows are not great but lip gloss and all over color stick are a must. Mascara is to dies for. (actually the best i have tried) I am ordering some hydrotint and the concealer. Hope it works out. I did not have any problems with me order. Although one item was not included due to “out of stock”

    My friend told me about e.l.f. a while back and I thought nothing of it. But I started running out of eyeliner, eye make up remover pads and nailpolish remover. I also desperately needed a make up bag and an eyelash curler. So I decided to try the copmpany my friend has been raving about. I’m SO glad I did!! Everything is great (except the nail polish remover pads, they’re really stinky). I just got a new order in today with a few nail polishes, two lip glosses, eyeliners, lip balm, facial whip and brushes. Everything is wonderful and I’m very happy. The nail polish is really great!! Goes on just as good as some of the Chanel stuff I have. I love the nude color since I’ve been going on a lot of job interviews lately and can’t have colored polish on.

    The only problems I have are:
    1.) Shipping. It takes forever for them to ship the items out. First time it took 8 days. This time it took 2 weeks.
    2.) They charge your credit card before they pull the items so they charge you regardless of whether they’re in stock or not. This time about 4 of my items were left out of my total order. I had to write a few e-mails last time to get the money back because they forgot to do credit me. This time though it seems that they charged me a lesser price when they shipped my package as opposed to the price that was on my receipt originally. Instead of paying 23 I paid 15…so I won’t have to worry about getting my money back since they didn’t take it to begin with. Hopefully this will be a recurring thing, because it was hell trying to get my 5 bucks back last time.

    I’ve used their glosses and mascaras (they are not CoverGirl, but for $1 I can use it twice and toss it, which is better healthwise). The foundation is nothing special, but again, for $1, it’s ideal for travel. Glosses shouldn’t cost more than $1 anywhere.

    Haven’t had the shipping problems others have above, but agree, if you haven’t received items as promised, call your credit card company and have them dispute the charge.

    I am concerned about the products being manufactured in China, especially after the latest report on red lipstick. And folks, this is not racist. China has very low health standards for workers and products; and it’s increasingly obvious that the FDA and American companies are not looking out for anyone but their bottom line.

    It’s unlikely ELF is the only company manufacturing makeup in China. An expensive product is just as likely to be made overseas as a cheap one. Read the labels.

    I have ordered from e.l.f three times. The last two shipments came super fast (four to six business days).

    Eyeshadow-not the best out there…but for $1 you can try colors you normally would not want to purchase for $10+.

    Brushes-I LOVE them!!!!!! Wonderful! My opinion, but I like them better than my Bobbi Brown brushes. I got the 12 piece set for $12. Can’t be beat! You can throw them out and replace them a few times for about the same price as a department store brush cleaning solution.

    I have not tried any powders/foundations or lipsticks. I was really impressed with what I did order, and will reorder often.

    I will say that my first order(last year) took much longer to receive (2-3 weeks). I honestly think they have improved with service. If items are out-of-stock they leave it out of shipping and only charge your card for what they shipped. All questions (email and phone) were answered in good time and everyone has been nice.

    It’s only $1.00. Worth testing out for yourself!

    I have ordered from ELF a number of times over the past couple of years.  I have yet to have a problem (knock on wood!)  I just received my latest order yesterday, it took them 10 days to deliver, including two weekends and a holiday, so I’m pleased with that.  I love their clear brow and lash mascara most of all.  I also ordered two sets of the cell-phone lipglosses, one for me and one for my sister-in-law.  They’re cute, but the taste/smell is kind of funky.  I could do without that.

    You can go to elfs website, click “store locator” put in your zip code – and it will show if you can buy it locally and where.  Kmart and Food4less seem to be the top contenders.

    As I did not want to pay for shipping (or have to buy a lot to try) I went to my local food4less.  I’m not lip gloss girl, so I really can’t judge.  I wish they had had a bigger selection.  Heck, I wish they still made their lipstick!  But – the concealer is NICE.  It’s not too thick yet it, well, conceals.

    If only I’d thought to buy a brush!  Ah well, next time.

    I JUST ordered some. I’ve already tried their lipgloss and eyeliner, and was pleased with both. I’m cosmetics junkie, and usually stick with smashbox or marykay items. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the company previous to this, but never anything about their customer service.

    hello guys
    well i got everything i ordered, but one of the item which is foundation brush was in two pieces. the handle came apart when i got the item. but other then that i don’t see any problem ordering from elf. but just so you know if you don’t like to order using credit card. you can send them money order instead. which that is what i did. The other thing is doesn’t matter where you shop if you look at anything you buy most of them time is made in china. which i don’t see a problem in.

    I have ordered 2 times from e.l.f and both times I have had problems with my shipments.
    Both times they sent the orders with missing items.
    I emailed and called them on each shipment problem.
    I am still waiting for them to send me missing items, or discontinued items that they fail to mention our discontinued.

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ELF! I REPEAT! DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. I purchased about 5 items from ELF. They sent me my tracking number (Fedex) and within a week or two, it says it’s been delivered, but I haven’t seen ANYTHING from ELF AT ALL!!!

    E.l.F. is so amazing they are so cheap but works just as good as MAC or Nars and they always have great sales. I order some stuff with the code LOYAL and got a free mini makeup collection and only bought 2 items I had to stock up on eyeliner : )

    I really love e.l.f!!! I’ve had no problems with the shipping or the products. In fact, when they did run out of a product not only did they give me a refund but they added to bottles of lotion at no extra charge ( it should be noted that both bottles were more expensive than what I orignally bought). If you’re on the east coast shipping shouldn’t be a problem.

    I received my shipment in 2 business days, my order was complete ad everything was intact. I also received a free eye shadow pallet as a free gift. I haven’t tried the makeup yet.

    Hey does anybody know the weight of the individual elf eyeshadows? I heard somewhere that MAC eyeshadows will fit in elf quad pans. just trying to see if anyone else knows if this is true before i order some.

    Elf is great. Pretty much everything is a $1 or $3. It is very good quality. The colors are true to he pictures. There is always a sale. The makeup was intacted when I got it. There wasn’t a crack in it. I got 12 makeup brushes for $12 and they were soft and even had a plastic pull over case. I got the dual pencil sharpener and it had a cover on it so the shavings wouldn’t fall out and it works great. It is even cheaper than walmart. You can get 3 eyeliners for the price of 1 eyeliner sold at walmart. They have everything you could ever need makeup wise at one place. They have lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, concealed, prime for you eyes and face, nail polish, sharpeners, and every type of brush imaginable.

    I am also not thrilled with the fact that all of their products are made in China. I can’t wear anything in their line that is makeup related (I have super sensitive skin) without breaking out. So my opinion is take it or leave it: You get what you pay for and for a few dollars more I can find a product by another cosmetic company that makes their products in the US or UK and not have any problems with it.

    Bought it. Love brushes and gloss. Moisture foundation broke out my face, and the lid primer made my skin peel. I have good skin, never have any problems. But Damn, this stuff messed up my day lol. Ah well, cheap is good. Not using any of the face products again.

    Looks like all of the bad reviews are from a long time ago so I think that elf did a good job of turning things around. I absolutely love elf and think that the quality is decent. I think you get alot more than you pay for with elf and I recommend it to everyone I know. Their HD powder is becoming my go to setting powder. It is a lightweight colorless powder that sets your foundation and makes your skin feel great. I also love the 100 eyeshadow palette…ya can’t beat the colors!

    I love the ELF products. I think the studio line is much better than the general line that you find in the drugstore. Thankfully, I haven’t had any problems with ordering (so far) and I love everything I have gotten from them. I used their makeup on my wedding day and it looked as good as if a professional had done it. It lasted through the pictures, wedding, and reception and the photographer said that she didn’t have to do any touchups on my makeup and skin. I have some severe scars from a car accident and if I prime correctly and follow my normal routine, my makeup hides 95% of them (the other 5% just can’t be hidden no matter what). Like I said, I think the studio line is better than the drugstore line.

    I love E.LF! Being on a budget, and buying makeup for one dollar is great!
    For a dollar, their products are pretty good.

    Umm I LOVE ELF If you havent tried elf and hated it then plzzz try it !!!! I LOVE the lipsticks and Im not a big fan of lipsticks !!!

    I order in bulk after I found out what didnt work for me.

    I have been fortunate to not have missing items but then again its only 1$…. So even if I was missign that one item, I would pay the 5$ to have it dropped off at my door than pay for car gas, driving to a store dealing w screaming kids/women, not finding everything IN the store that you want. I would still order online or wait till my next bulk order to get what I want.

    Budget or not, Brand names dont compare in most of their products.

    I only heard of elf last year when I wanted affordable brushes. I bought the 11-piece studio collection brush set and I was hooked!! After my first purchase I’ve made 2 other purchases and my order was always received within a week. (With the exception of the Holidays it took 2 weeks.)

    I love the studio line the most and also the essentials line. I’ve tried the 32-piece eyeshadow in brights (discontinued) and I was dissappointed. Ordering eyeshadows from elf I’m a little iffy about. I highly suggest their 24k collection for eyeshadows. It is more priceir than $5, but also the quality is so much better.

    Their customer service is grade-A. My first order there was a slight defect with my eyeshadow palette and they said they would replace it for me FREE OF CHARGE. When I have questions I e-mail or call and they are always very helpful to me.

    They’re an awful company. I ordered a gift card for my sisters birthday and they claim I put British Colombia instead of Virginia! So, even I’d I had (which I didn’t, I am meticulous when ordering online), they should have told me it would take a month to arrive. Finally their CSR identifies the item is being shipped out of country and is very rude to me, talks down to me. Since they had already offered a refund, I asked for it as I refuse to give my business to those who don’t want it. We will see if I ever get the refund. And of course, her birthday has come and gone.

    I just wanted to say that the essential line brushes aren’t great (except for a few, like the basic eyeshadow brush), but the studio line is amazing! The studio line brushes are synthetic and if you’re curious, definitely read up the reviews on the site. I definitely recommend studio brushes for people who don’t want to break their banks for brushes!

    Great post! I really love the eyebrow/eyelash gel combo. Only $1 and it does exactly what it’s supposed to! I’ve been a bit wary about trying other e.l.f. products (I did get a couple of brushes and yes, the quality is rather poor) but now I think I’ll be more willing. Thanks!

    I have a few of E.L.F.’s products but my opinion I hate it. i look for the light and if your looking for a light and airy makeup don’t look here. I have cream eyeliner and i know you have to use eye makeup remover to get it off but it is just TERRIBLE is smudges, smears, they’re eye shadow: hard to blend, hard to get off, Basically if you want a makeup that you can get off just by washing your face DO NOT GET E.L.F.
    Other cosmetic are a lot better and still cheap.

    I have a few E.L.F brushes and a 32 shadow palette and for what I paid for it (about $5) it’s great. I like they array of colors even though some of the darker colors are not as pigmented as let’s say MAC or urban decay but still good for the price. I’m pro E.L.F and if you’re a beauty queen on a budget try their product.

    I am a huge fan of E.L.F. I’ve tried just about everything except for foundation, concealer, etc. and nail polish. I have ordered at least 2 sets of brushes. I find that I like the studio brushes best. Love the lip gloss and eye shadow (except for the cream shadows). I have a 100 shadow palette as well as their “Make-up clutch” the colors blend so well. The one thing that I can do without is the mascara. For what the products are worth I think they’re great. I would recommend using a primer for eye shadows. Using their make-up give my more expensive make-up a longer life. I know what I like so I usually place one big order at least twice a year to stock up. I’ve never had any issues with shipping and usually get my order before the expected delivery date. Plus they always have great sales and free gifts online. But if you’re not a fan of mail order I have bought their products at Target. I’m a E.L.F girl for life!!!!

    I have some E.L.F products and like all of them except the liquid eye liner. It was horrible. I could hardly get any out! And I had to set it upside down to get the tiny amount of liquid to come out. I just got frutrated and threw it away

    I’ve used elf eyebrow kit because someone (who’s eyebrows always look great) recommended it to me. I love the gel/powder combo. It works really well. The only downfall that really concerns me is that after about 1-2 weeks of everyday use I have some sort of bad reaction on my eyebrows. Very tiny bumps almost like zits but they aren’t pop-able and no whiteheads. And you can’t see them when I reapply the product each day so of course it probably makes it worse…… Ive never had a problem to being sensative to makeup so it worries me that there are probably really cheap ingredients used in elf products. I’ve heard awful stories of like animal by products and remains being used in makeup that I always hoped wasn’t really true. Hopefully this isn’t why my skin is having a bad reaction to this eyebrow kit 🙁 wish it was better quality because it does look very nice …

    i use the eyeliner, and i have small bumps on the corner of my eyes also look like zits but aren’t popable or have white heads, did yours go away? have you stopped using their products?

    Love ELF I tend to buy a bunch of items since everything is so cheap. It’s fun getting a huge bag filled with goodies, it feels like Christmas. Some of my favorite products are the Clarifying pressed powder which I love, the mineral shadows, the eyelid primer, the brushes, a few of the blushes and lipsticks. ELF is similar quality to a lot of drugstore/high end brands for a great price. Some of the items aren’t that amazing but it’s always fun to try new things and if doesn’t work out it’s only a dollar or two lost. Normally there’s some huge discount coupon or free shipping so I’ve never worried about shipping costs.

    I love ELF. I love the eyeshadows. The best way to use them is like paint. I buy the pigment and wet the brush completely, dab off excess and dip it into the color, let is saturate the color then apply it. I pour a little of the pigment into the cap and dip the brush into that instead of directly into the container. Lasts for hours no creases, doesn’t dry out. I have oily skin and it’s fine. I also apply the elf mineral primer to my eyelids before applying the eyeshadow, NOT the eye primer. It’s about $3 and works for my whole face. Cuts down on how oily my skin gets and holds my make up in place. I like their gel eyeliner more than the liquid because it’s more dramatic and easier to apply. Be careful using the liquid liners because 2 of mine were dried up when I first purchased them. I also like the face spray. Keeps my make up fresh all day and adds a great glistening look. I agree, the brushes aren’t great. I dont use their face powers etc. I use Sephora, but overall elf has GREAT eyeshadows in vibrant colors, comparable to MAC, and for a lot less. The trick is HOW you apply the color.

    Their cosmetics are OK, BUT the containers/packaging falls apart before I can use it all. I have complained to the company, but they refuse to either exchange or refund. It’s NOT a good price if you can’t use it all!

    Yes to elf. I like the blush and brushes the best, they are of professional quality and the blush can be worn night or day, just apply more of the product for a more enhanced look.

    Yes to e.l.f.! The brushes are great, a variety and of professional quality. The blush is superb, just add more for an enhanced look if you’re wearing it at nighttime. I use it all day and night.

    I love E.L.F.! I’ve been purchasing their eyeliner for quite some time now. Tried out the concealer – it’s really watered down. Their brushes are great though. The price can’t be beaten!

    I personally love elf! I don’t use their lipsticks or lip glosses only because I am very picky a bout the shade of pink I wear 😉
    I love the eye liner…I actually really like the eye shadows! I use the eyelid primer first and it stays on no problem! I use elf blush, pressed powder, cover stick, and zit zapper…..LOVE the zit zapper! I’ve never disliked an elf product. And there are no better priced anywhere!

    Because of the affordability, I’ve been using ELF products as my main cosmetic brand. Their shipping services are horrible, but if you buy in-store (which I do nearly 100% of the time), you’ll find that it’s worth the extra money. I am a huge fan of their blushes, even though they are very compact. The blush I bought had made my face look AMAZING! But the blush brush I had bought along with it had broken, poor quality. I also like their lip color, although the “nude” is quite light for my darker lip color. I believe they base their products on people with nearly porcelain skin. The under eye concealer is too light for my skin, so I had to go find a darker tone. ELF can do much better with their customer service and the quality of (some) of their products. But I’m mostly happy with the results. Definitely suggested to try their things. Good luck!

    I ordered a HUGE order from the e.l.f website literally 3 days ago and found it on my porch this morning. With EVERYTHING I ordered. I expected some of it to be back ordered since I ordered it on a HUGE 50% off sale day but everything was accounted for and it was shipped and delivered VERY fast! I was expecting to wait a while after reading all of these reviews. Very happy with my order. Some things like the mascara aren’t of the greatest quality but most things are fantastic. I will definitely be ordering from here again!

    Can I believe them when they say “not tested on animals”?
    This is important to me.  I like the eyeliner… it doesn’t
    irritate my eyes, as many others do.

     Legally they can’t lie about that, if it says its not tested on animals than its not, its in their best interest to be honest on the labels

    Hi i really want this makeup as a starting kit so im excited to try it

    This company is very shady… I purchased about $35.00 worth of product close to 2 weeks ago. I had to contact customer service through the live chat feature because my order was stuck in processing for over a week. I was told it would be shipped in 24-48 hours, and after two more days it finally shipped. That was a total of 9 days. Ridiculous. I’ve never had service that slow with any company I’ve ordered from online. The incredibly frustrating thing is that now when I try to track my package, it tells me the tracking number is non-existent. Crazy. I have sent them an e-mail and are waiting to hear back from them. 

    Needless to say I will NEVER be ordering from this company again.. horrible customer service and I am not the only one who has experienced similar circumstances. You’re way better off saving your money. There’s something very fishy about this company… way too good to be true.

    I’m a freshman, and got a little sick of buying hundreds of dollars of MAC cosmetics. (Well, my mom!) My friend reccomended me to try some products, saying they were ‘amazingly cheap and awesome’. Pffff … I beg to differ. With a little bit of cash, I bought some hypershine lip gloss, the lip balm, bronzer, and a lipstick. I tried everything on and the lip gloss is all pink and yay in the container but then BAM! it tastes like a nasty mint and doesn’t stay on well and doesn’t feel nice. The lip balm felt like slippery yuck on my lips, and so did the lipstick. The bronzer … oh my … shimmery? come on… Didn’t have a nice texture to it too. 
    I was very dissapointed with the products, after I had them for a week I just handed them down to my stepsisters. 

    Buy from any other drugstore brand if you’re cheapo – really, it looks nicer and feels better.

    I am a makeup artist and I absolutely adore their Studio line! I have always gotten my orders in a timely manner (less than a week). The quality is unbelievable! Since I only have placed online orders, and I order a lot of the caked powder products, I expected there to be some damage occasionally. Which, there was. But, I called them up, no questions asked they sent me a replacement! The pigmentation of the Studio eye shadows are wonderful, however, for best results, I recommend using their eyelid primer or their Lock & Seal for the best pigmentation. As a makeup artist, I would recommend that with any eye shadow or powder product to get the most of the pigmentation. Not only do I use E.L.F. for my makeup artistry, but I use it daily for myself as well. It is totally worth the money for the Studio line. Also, their eyeliner pen with the felt tip is the absolute BEST I’ve ever used. I even prefer it over MAC. It glides smoothly and is a highly pigmented perfect line 100% of the time!

    I have quite a few E.L.F. products and I honestly really like the products. HOWEVER, their customer service and shipping process is the WORST I have ever encountered. I placed an order recently to get a bunch of stuff to give as Christmas gifts. Not only were they shipped 9 days after I placed the order (4 days longer than what their shipping policy states), but when I finally got it, it was missing two items and I received an item that I didn’t order. Now, it did say on the packing slip that if an item is circled, it was out of stock (which is kind of BS because they should have made it out of stock on the website when I ordered it) and that they did not charge me for that item. ONE of the two items that was missing was circled and they charged me for BOTH missing items. I have tried to contact them several times by email and phone and have not been able to reach anyone. There has not been any effort to contact me back and their “Live Chat” is not working… shocker. They owe me money, and I don’t know if I will ever see that money, but I can tell you that I will NEVER EVER order from them again!

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    Hi there,
    My only problem with e.l.f is their customer service sucks! Live chat is turned off, they don’t pick up the phone waited 25 min. Sent an email reply email was we’ll get back to you within 72 hours , yeah if I’m lucky!

    I spent $25…free shipping!… And received a bag full of goodies in less than a week! I have been very pleased with everything so far. The lip stain was long lasting and I love the liquid eyeliner colors! Will definitely buy again.


    I have just brought a lip stain, liquid foundation, concealer and the mineral foundation powder, honestly I’m not happy with the products I would return all of them if I could. the lip stain is terrible, it was completely dry the minute I opened the packaging. Moving on.. fair enough I got the wrong shade of powder foundation and concealer ( I have medium tan skin) I felt like the images on-line are very misleading. the only thing that I was OK with is the liquid foundation I got the almond shade, my skin is far from perfect so I need a foundation that is a lot more richer, which e.l.f is not. Do not buy any lip or foundation products from this company (at your own risk) I thought I was getting a bargain by only spending £17.24 (minus postage) well turns out it was a waste of time. It goes to show that if you want quality results you need to stick to products more expensive such as mac or the body shop, which I have both used in the past and I’ve had no problems with their make up, so go buy mac and body shop quality make up!

    MAC is some of the worst makeup I have ever purchased. I actually like my E.L.F bronzer more than I do a way pricier MAC version. IMO NARS is hands down THE BEST cosmetics line there is, but I will supplement my NARS collection/obsession with these less expensive products.

    Another thing worth mentioning… They are one of the few brands that does not test on animals

    I absolutely love these products. In my daily makeup routine all but maybe one product is elf. I have never had a problem with any of their products before. I used to buy $10 brushes that would dry up and get stiff the first time you wash them. But, as a poor college student I decided to try out some $1 brushes. I was very impressed with the quality and have washed them several times and they have stayed soft and fluffy.
    I wear makeup almost every day so I always had problems with breakouts, since I have started using this brand of cosmetics my skin has been so clear.
    I think my favorite products would have to be the eyeliners. The shimmer blue-silver liner pencil looks great and really makes my eyes stand out while the black and brown eyeliner pens stay all day. I can apply my eyeliner in the morning before class and not have to reapply before going out at night.
    I get compliments all the time for my makeup and would wholeheartedly recommend this brand!
    I always buy my makeup in stores so I do not know about ordering from the website. I have noticed, however that some stores carry more or less products than others. I would try and find the makeup in stores first before ordering online to avoid any hassle.

    lip gloss ~ fantastic……..eye shadow~ fantastic too, i dont use any other. I am 50 and love their products

    Tried their $2 concealer …no coverage at all after 2 applications

    Thank you for info about E.L.F Cosmetics!!!

    I love e.l.f. cosmetics! Great brand from the drugstore, definitely agree that some of the products could be better. Considering the price though it is a pretty good brand! The brand has some favourites of mine, such as the eyebrow kit, daily brush cleanser, and the blushes are great! I can’t wait to try some more products from them!

    Great helpful review! Just did an ELF haul at Target and absolutely LOVE the black cream eyeliner but wanted to know a little more about the product/brand quality. Thanks again for a great post!

    Elf is one stupid company. I ordered with them worth of 47 dollars. I email them to see if they sent my products. They emailed back giving me the tracking number. So 2 weeks later I email them to ask them. Where my stuff disappeared. They email back saying oh your order got lost in transit. Very careless reply. They didnt say sorry or anything and they are asking me if they should refund the stuff back in my credit or resend my order. It was my first order and it got lost. So imagine how careless they are. I even spoke to the manager the manager didnt give a shit. Shes like oh well what you want me to do. How sad. Sephora and Mac rocks. Elf sucks. Thank god my products got lost. Would never give them business.I will tell all my ffriends about them. I got 20 of my friends to shop with them but I will get them to cancel it.

    Sorry elf ur customer services sucksss and the manager was too rude and careless. Care for ur customer elf. Maybe you will have more customers

    Come and see me! I will make you and all of your friends look and feel beautiful for a fraction of the cost and trouble. Samples are available with purchase and I give lots of samples free with purchase. Etsy or Website ♥ Lisa

    I have tried many of their products and the one thing I would recommend that you avoid are the Lip Stains. They are literally like a child’s marker. The texture is terrible, and so is the actual liquid and the applicator tip is just like one you would find on a marker. But its only $3 so I guess you’re getting what you paid for.

    I like E.L.F. quite a bit, but I am defensive about my drugstore makeup because I don’t believe anyone should have to spend a lot of money to look good, and insisting that you must is indicative of lack of talent. I have somewhat sensitive skin and pay very careful attention to ingredients in makeups, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with E.L.F. I have blushes, eyeshadows, mascaras, foundations, concealer, lip products, etc., and a ton of useful little tools that have served me very well, and for the price they cannot be beaten. Their brushes aren’t bad either, when purchased individually. Their creme eyeshadow is also the only eyeshadow that has never creased on my deep-set lids.

    I just received my pretty big elf order, it took a week so that’s not too long. I’m impressed with their brushes, eyeliner, and the lipstick pigmentation, but the eye shadows are quite chalky. I’m happy that I received all my items and it didn’t take too long.

    the studio brushes (the black ones not the white) are 3 dollars each and are amazingly soft! some are as great as some of my sigma brushes. the only brush in the essential 1 dollar line I recommend is the flat shader brush…

    Love this brand. The ELF foundation has a great coverage. The mascara can get a little messy. I wish they had a water-resistant one.

    ELF has hits and misses. Their blush contour duo is great, as are their brushes. I also like their lip tint a lot. As far as customer service, they don’t do returns. The only thing that they do is replace an item if it arrives damaged. I know from personal experience that they honor the damaged products thing. I SO WISH that they would start allowing returns. They have great deals online and they offer free shipping for your first order. But if you can buy this brand from a store that accepts used returns on make-up, then that is the “safe” way to go if you end up hating the product.

    I am so glad that you didn’t go into “how great their cosmetics are” and suggested that my 5 year old niece would definitely enjoy them in a game of “dress up”— (priceless)
    but that’s about all you’re going to get for $3 and $5 retail cosmetics. I wonder why more women don’t research and try NATURAL and ORGANIC products that are also “Cruelty-Free” and actually work to heal and nourish the skin, clear up breakouts, improve texture, control oil, make you look and feel the best you ever have-=-by spending a few more dollars for QUALITY cosmetics and skin care products. Sure, you think you’re getting a bargain—all you’re getting is ripped off. Makeup doesn’t have to break the bank to give you great looking skin and application–but this stuff won’t make it more than 120 seconds after applied. None of it—and besides “ANIMAL CRUELTY”–is there anyone as concerned about “HUMAN CRUELTY” —most of these products are loaded with cheap fillers and preservatives–otherwise they couldn’t sit on the shelf for years and still be sold. Go NATURAL 🙂 Peace and Love!

    Wow! Where do I start…there’s no communication with them at all! I had placed an order with a coupon code that gave me 50%off. Waited about 12 days & didn’t receive any email confirmation of my order. I then decided to email them requesting info on my order (since you can’t reach any via phone). And they emailed me in return:
    Thank you for your order with e.l.f. Cosmetics. Due to the recent extremely heavy volume of orders, we apologize that your order has been delayed. Our warehouse has been open around the clock to deal with the increased order volume.
    Thank you again for your loyalty and patience.
    So after that I waited & waited by the third week I sent another email requesting once again info on my order. Then this time I got:
    We apologize for any confusion. We were unable to process your order because it was declined by PayPal. Please contact them for further information. We are very sorry for any inconvenience please feel free to contact us with any further information.
    Well I called my paypal account & nothing was wrong with my account. My payment was kept on “pending” due to the merchant. So not sure what their issue was. I again tried reaching them via email asking if they can replace my order and try again, also giving them a credit card # instead. Of course they replied within 2 hours:
    We apologize, unfortunately we are not able to reauthorize this through PayPal, please place a new order. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    I asked if I were to replace my order I would then loose my discounted price. They said unfortunately yes. E.L.F. Had no consideration whatsoever & did not try to even help. I will never order feom them again I wasted my time not only ordering but in trying to resolve an issue that was even an issue. Never once did E.l.f. accommodate me at all. Never had anything like this happen to me. And now that I read their reviews I should have known better. They are known for doing this kind of stuff, as well as taking forever with their orders.

    Do NOT place large orders with ELF cosmetics online during the holiday season.
    Their cyber monday sale was 50% off almost everything, and it was too good to pass up. So I paid for 30+ items, waited two whole weeks, and the package was lighter than I expected. Turns out, 14 of my items were missing. When I contacted them, they told me to wait for my refund. I waited, and I got $3 🙂 Three dollars for fourteen missing ELF products. I guess 5 years of loyalty meant nothing to them.

    DO NOT BUY ONLINE. PERIOD. As a first time customer I should have done more research before my purchase. E.L.F. has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered products on Jan 5 and after waiting a reasonable amount of time I contacted them to figure out where my order was. They told me to give it a few more days to see if it showed up. It never did. So then they blamed USPS for misplacing it, how can USPS misplace an order that I never even received an email about getting shipped out in the first place. Well thinking I had everything sorted out, they were going to reship my order. I assumed it would be quickly to fix their mistake. Needless to say it is Jan 28, 23 days after I placed my order and I still haven’t received my products. Nor do I expect to see them anytime soon. This is just ridiculous and E.L.F. is a JOKE.

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