Fight the Flake: 4 Acids Your Skin Needs Now

4 acids to treat dry skin in winter

After one of the longest (and warmest!) summers to date, you’re not alone if you’re craving crisp, cold weather. But the temperature drop we’ve all been waiting for comes at a price. Just as heat waves come with a unique set of beauty problems, so too, does winter weather.

The dry cold creeps in and the wind starts whipping, even the healthiest skin is at risk for some dry patches. And when your normal moisturizing routine can’t seem to keep up, it’s time to turn to the big guns. You’ve likely heard the buzz around acids already, and for good reason — these powerful treatments work wonders.

Get to know five essential acids for fighting the flake, from AHAs to BHAs and beyond.

1. Glycolic Acid Skincare Products


The one acid we’re all familiar with, likely from our teen days, is salicylic acid. And much like salicylic acid, glycolic acid is an exfoliator that anyone, but especially oily and acne-prone skin types, can get behind. A gentle acid with smaller molecules that work to dissolve dead skin, glycolic acid is a great toning option between washing and moisturizing to clear anything leftover away before you hydrate.


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