Budget Beauty Products — What’s in My Beauty Bag

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Drugstore beauty products

My bathroom is currently in a state of disaster — sadly, a sloppy contractor botched our remodel and now we’re paying someone else a lot to fix it. Ugh. There is a bright side, though. These rough financial moments are when I most appreciate the perks of being a budget fashionista and chronic saver.

When I feel that pull of intrigue over Lancer’s $150 Lash Serume Intense, for example, I can shut it down pretty quickly by recalling that last big, unexpected expense to hit my household. Seems like the twice-paid-for bathroom remodel will be the reigning champ in that category for a while yet.

So, I’ll keep skipping the fancy stuff in favor of the value-rich products I’ve come to know and love. Read on for my current skincare and beauty favorites!


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water removes makeup and cleanses your skin in one easy step. The thing I appreciate most about this product is there’s no water required. I don’t have to choose between splashing icy cold water on my face or watching cold water run down the drain as I wait for 3 minutes for it to heat up.

Garnier Fructis Micellar Water

Instead, I simply drip a bit of the product on a generic cotton beauty round from Target and wipe it on. Boom. Makeup removed and face cleaned in one step.

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