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Hot Beauty Secret: Korean Skin Care

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The tale of European beauty products is one almost as old as time, but the price tag on that French face cream? Equally regal. But if we told you you could get a youthful, plump and fresh faced complexion for under $20 a product, you’d probably listen up, right? We’re here to tell you it’s possible, and it is glorious.

The next wave of skin care must-haves have arrived from overseas. And, you might be surprised to find that like its European counterparts, this trend that’s newly popular stateside, isn’t actually new at all.

You may have seen it infiltrating the shelves of your favorite cosmetic stores and virtual aisles of online shops, without even realizing it. It often comes in quirky, cute-as-can-be packaging, so maybe you thought it was for kids, and sometimes features foreign name or characters. But any beauty expert will tell you the amazing ingredients — and results — of Korean skin care are all easily recognizable.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head, being late to the party has never been such an exciting experience! In the case of Korean skin care — where discovering a seemingly endless array of beauty boosters has us squealing at every turn.

How to Dabble in Korean Skin Care

Traditionally, a Korean beauty regimen could be considered lengthy, at best. A typical day or night routine could include upwards of 10 different products, and that’s before your makeup and obsessive contouring and highlighting techniques.

But for the average beauty shopper who probably won’t dive all the way into the world of Asian imports, that only means you have so many more options and ways to dabble Korean products in with your old favorites.

Asia has long prioritized the face and skincare, and its laundry list of fundamental products proves it. But for those lacking the time to get through two cleaners, exfoliation, a toner, essence and serum applications, face masks, eye creams and sunscreen on the regular, there’s still affordably priced hope.

Top Tip for Newbies to Korean Skin Care

Our top tip? Add just one or two of these steps into your current lineup. Or, swap out chemical-filled products for those filled with essential oils and Korean classics like snail extracts. That’ll get you closer to that full, soft and radiant look the East is known for.

It can be as easy as picking up a few sheet masks for once or twice throughout the week, layering serums (they’re not just for aging anymore!) or doubling up on your cleanser count (at night, for a necessary second sweep). It’s all about indulging the face and body in the nourishment it deserves. With these products peppered into your morning or evening, skincare stops becoming a chore, and starts becoming a treat.

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Monday 24th of October 2016

true. I use products from where they have several gift cards of skin care products. It really helps in in achieving that glow on my skin


Thursday 10th of December 2015

I want a good skin. Have a try.

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