Which Makeup Products Match Your Personality Type

Eye brightener

While it might not have been the very first personality test, the Myers-Briggs test is world-renowned for its accuracy when detailing unique characteristics of human personalities. The four-letter naming system is simple yet precise, and can pinpoint different aspects of your work habits, romantic life, or even your parenting style.

It turns out, this test is also a great indicator of makeup products that perfectly reflect your personality! Here is a detailed list of the sixteen personality types with characteristics that determine which new makeup product you should try next.

ISTJ – Calm, Quiet, Responsible

While your introverted nature often means you are quieter than others, your decision-making skills and responsible character result in accuracy and dedication.

eyeshadow pallette

Try a richly pigmented eyeshadow palette that focuses on neutrals colors that make it easy to create classic yet stunning everyday eye makeup. Depending on your skin tone, bronze + gold tones or blue + plum tones are the best basic colors.

INFJ – Visionary, Idealist, Creative

Helping others and volunteering is a passion of yours, a result of your idealistic and visionary personality. Finding ways to express your creativity regularly keeps you happy and productive.

Step out of your comfort zone and try a set of luxe fake eyelashes. Express your creative side and your idealistic beliefs simultaneously with vegan falsies that last longer than a single wear. 

INTJ – Innovative, Thinkers

Your relentless intellectualism drives your ambition and your endless curiosity. You like to design and execute your plans yourself, always finding ways to make things more interesting.

Integrate your precision and attention to detail by getting a complete brush collection that includes all the essential tools for flawless makeup. For a smart choice, choose a vegan and cruelty-free set that mimics animal hair with better payoff. 

ENFJ – Charismatic, Outspoken, Ethical

Passionate, charismatic, and authentic. Your personality is made for strong leadership skills and bringing people together for a common goal, whether through a driven career or purposeful activism.

Be purposeful about your makeup choices and fill your routine with cruelty-free cosmetics. You’ll feel better about the companies you support and look amazing at the same time. 

ISTP – Spontaneous, Enthusiastic, Rational

Your curiosity often means getting your hands dirty and wanting to figure out how things work. Exploring ideas through creativity is one of your strength, along with impulsive decisions and valuing freedom.

Matte liquid lipstick

Your makeup bag is probably full of dozens of products that are fun yet don’t often get used on a regular basis. Liquid matte lipstick is a perfect choice for you. It helps you stand out from the crowd and helps you explore adventurous makeup trends.