High-Tech Holidays: Best Beauty Gadget Buys

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Woman washing her face

Somewhere, sometime, beauty has become the fall-back gift for girls. Whether it was Lip Smackers chapstick packs during our pint-sized years, Bath & Body Works lotions and shower gels during the teen years, or MAC gift sets during our college years, makeup and skincare has always been a safe (and beloved) bet. These were easy picks for forgotten friends, young relatives or coworkers, and the items you could easily re-gift or stockpile on sale.

But when your circle of friends includes true beauty enthusiasts? These ladies hardly need another eyeshadow palette. And they’ve aged out of cutesy packaging gimmicks. Buying products for these keen beauty shoppers is just plain risky — they’re tuned into ingredient lists and they know the hottest limited edition drops.

Our secret to shopping for beauty mavens? Pivot to the gadget game. Odds are your beauty-expert friends can benefit from a little high-tech help this holiday season.

8 Beauty Gadget Gift Ideas

Facial Steamers

Busy babes on your list will love a gadget that eliminates the need for another appointment. And, being able to steam and clean out pores at home is a time-saving godsend. Regular me-time with skin clearing results? They’ll be thanking you month after month.

Mask Maker

Sheet-style beauty masks might make a good stocking stuffer, but the ultimate gift? A machine that straight-up makes them on the fly. Ingredient-enthusiasts can use their favorite all-natural ingredients — healthy greens, fruits and supplements (read: collagen)— to concoct jelly masks right at home for Instagram-worthy DIYs.

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