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Fashion designers — Marcel Ostertag runway show

Our fashion designer directory gives you the quick scoop on today’s most popular designers, plus more in-depth articles on Budget Fashionista favorites like Gucci, Jason Wu and more.

Browse the quick guide below for some cocktail party knowledge — or to help you decide which shows to follow when fashion week rolls around.

If you’re an up-and-coming designer yourself or fascinated with how big fashion brands are built, explore our fashion designer articles below. Our more popular pieces include Jason Wu: What You Didn’t Know About this Fashion Icon and Designer Spotlight: Michael Kors.

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Black and white photo of Gloria Vanderbilt

What Gloria Vanderbilt Did for Women’s Jeans

To sum up the life of Gloria Vanderbilt in just a few words would not do her justice. Indeed, her story is one of true starry-eyed enigma: she was a mother, an actress, an...
Gucci logo on storefront

The Famous Double G — All About Gucci

The name alone is enough to conjure images of the famed double G logo and sleek, timeless accessories. Yet Gucci is so much more. The Italian luxury fashion house is a Florentine dream, rife...
Mulberry logo

The Iconic Label Born at the Family’s Kitchen Table

When you think of a Mulberry bag, you likely think of words like timeless and classic. You’re 100% correct on both counts — the storied brand is one of the world’s most iconic. Founded...
Fiorucci logo

The Designer That Does Vinyl Right

Founded by Elio Fiorucci in 1967, Fiorucci is an iconic Italian fashion label best known for its on-trend selection of jeans, graphic tees, and statement vinyl trousers. Over the last several decades, Fiorucci has...
Fashion Designers 1

Designer Spotlight: Michael Kors

With his distinguished sports-luxe aesthetic, Michael Kors (pronounced: My-Kal Ko-ors) is one of the world’s best known fashion designers. The New York-based entrepreneur focuses mainly on midrange women’s fashion, but has expanded his empire...
Collage of Anna Sui designer pieces

How Anna Sui Became a Fashion Icon

American fashion designer Anna Sui (pronounced: AN-na SOO-ee) is best known for her ready-to-wear collections with a boho-chic aesthetic. Originally from Detroit, Sui has mastered the art of combining bright colors with black while...
Fashion Designers 2

Bottega Veneta Spotlight — and What a $9k Outfit Looks Like

On April 16, iconic designer label Bottega Veneta (pronounced: Bo-TAY-ga Ve-NE-tah) launched its newest home collection during Milan’s Salone del Mobile. The home line-up was born with a single bench design in 2006, and has...
Fashion Designers 3

Jason Wu: What You Didn't Know About this Fashion Icon

New York Fashion Week brought many up-and-coming fashion designers to the forefront, including Georgine, Kempner, Vivienne Hu, as well as some industry professionals like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Rachel Zoe. However, the real...
Betsey Johnson Pink

National Women’s History Month: Betsey Johnson

In the history of American fashion there have been many fascinating, influential, talented women who innovate and create amazing fashions. Here at The Budget Fashionista we’d like to highlight just a few of them...
Fashion Designers 4

National Women’s History Month: Diane Von Furstenburg

In the history of American fashion there have been many fascinating, influential, talented women who innovate and create amazing fashions. Here at Budget Fashionista we’d like to highlight just a few of them for...
Reem Acra runway show

Visual Study in Luxury: Designer Reem Acra

A brief glance at anything designed by Reem Acra is a visual study in luxury. The eponymous label started with a bridal collection in 1997. Today, it includes timeless, elegant, and immaculately crafted ready-to-wear...
Ralph Lauren on the runway

From U.S. Army to High Fashion — All About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is synonymous with classic American style. Even those not intimately familiar with fashion or anything remotely trendy recognize the name at first mention. Indeed, his moniker has become a key part of...
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