Fetherston, Erin

Fetherston, Erin
Pronunciation: Air-ren Feth-err-ston

American designer Erin Fetherston is known for designing super feminine clothes that are playful and whimsy. A product of UC Berkeley and Parson’s School of Design Paris, Fetherston started her own label in 2004, offering modern dresses with traditional trims like ruffles, satin and bows. Fetherston’s clothes are worn by celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder and Cameron Diaz. In 2007, Fetherston has won the esteemed Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award for emerging designers. Recently she was a part of Target’s Go International Series, launching a limited edition collection of affordable fashions for the retailer.

Fetherston, Erin – Photo Credit: erinfetherston.com


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