Pronunciation: Ah-kree

This Swiss, family-run, company has come a long way from designing polka-dotted aprons in 1922. Considered as Switzerland’s largest clothing company, Akris showcases elegant and perfectly tailored suits for no-nonsense professional women who want classic and timeless pieces with a touch of modern flair. Although it’s a relatively unknown label, Akris has been dressing high profile women such as Condoleezza Rice, Diane Sawyer and Princess Caroline of Monaco for years. Currently, Albert Kriemler is the head designer of the brand and in honor of his grandmother Alice, each piece comes with a hidden polka-dot lining. He is also the man behind Akris Punto, a less expensive line of the brand that appeals to the younger generation.

Akris – Photo Credit: akris.ch

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    It’s pronounced Ak-ris, like actress. This is the pronounciation in YouTube videos of the brand, and what the sales associates say in the store.

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