Burrows, Stephen

Burrows, Stephen
Pronunciation: Stee-ven Berr-rows

Recognized as the first African-American fashion designer to have achieved international fame, Stephen Burrows name has been etched in New York City’s Fashion Walk of Fame for being an icon of the fashion industry. A genius who created revolutionary, structured styles in the 70’s with rich colors and modern sexy cuts, Burrows pioneered the use of stretch fabrics such as wool and rayon jersey for tight fitting comfortable clothes. Inspired by music, dance and the fluidity of the body, Burrows inventiveness earned him three prestigious Coty awards. In 1982, after financial troubles, Burrows turned his focus to designing for theaters, but made a very successful ready to wear comeback in 2002 via a fashion show event dubbed as ‘the party of the season’ by Vogue and the reopening of the “Stephen Burrows World” Boutique at Henri Bendel’s. His collection received great reviews from fashion critics worldwide and has made him unstoppable since then. In 2003, he launched a successful “Alva by Burrows” line on U.S. Home Shopping Network, followed in 2007 by the “S by Burrows” label for Home Shopping Europe in Germany. And recently taking an inspiration from Anna Cleveland, daughter to muse and model Pat Cleveland he launched “Everyday Girl” line of dresses. This new line has proven his ability to provide sensual and sophisticated clothing for all ages and has made him a popular name among the youth such as the Pop-Country singer Taylor Swift, who wore a signature sparkly Burrows number when she rang in 2009 on Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve Special.

Burrows, Stephen – Photo Credit: Charles Tracy


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