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Make-up colors go in and out of fashion just as clothing styles do, right? Stay in the know with our budget beauty posts — our best content to keep you in the know about the latest in beauty trends and money-saving tricks!

Make-up colors go in and out of fashion just as clothing styles do, right? Stay in the know with our budget beauty posts — our best content to keep you in the know about the latest in beauty trends and money-saving tricks!

Here you’ll find budget beauty hacks for real women, including info on how to create your own beauty products and how to find the perfect makeup for your skin tone. Our most popular beauty posts share tips for affordable self-indulgences, like DIY facials and creating a spa-like bath experience at home.

Anti-aging is one of our favorite topics as well. Dive into our “face” collection to get the latest on anti-aging products, including skincare and beauty supplements.

Or if you’re the gal who’s always searching for her next go-to hair style, take a peek at our hair beauty posts.

Our body beauty posts share what’s trending in self-tanners, nail polish colors, moisturizers and more.

Woman wearing makeup on a night out

Easy Makeup Look in 5 Steps — Get Your Glow On!

You’ve got places to go, people to see…and absolutely no idea how to do your makeup for a big night out. Whether you’re headed out for New Year’s Eve or meeting up with friends...
Caffeine beauty products

Caffeine Beauty Products: The Facts + 4 Picks to Try Right Now

As you browse the skin care aisle, you’re likely to recognize many of the ingredients. Among the retinols and copper peptides and various hydroxy acids is another newfound favorite: caffeine. The very same ingredient...
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Smooth Sailing! The Incredible Hair Product That Tames My Frizzies (Just In Time For The Holidays)

Thank you to ROIL for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. We all crave smooth, strong locks. You know, the type of hair that moves naturally when you toss it gently away...
Beauty products on pink table

One For You. Two For Me! The Fun Beauty Gift You Should Get Your Hands On Now

If you’re obsessed with a great deal (guilty), can’t resist beauty products (yep), and love the idea of sampling a whole bunch of them at once (um…yes?), then the beauty advent calendar trend was...
Woman wearing makeup

Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt! You’ll Love These Everyday, Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Collections from NYX, Colourpop And More

If ever there was a time to take stock of your beauty collection, it’s now. With fall comes a slew of new releases that are sure to get you excited for the cooler months...
Paula's Choice review: bha exfoliant and peptide booster

The Skin Care Line That Wants You To Know The Truth About What Goes On Your Face

What Paula’s Choice is a U.S.-based, cruelty-free, fragrance-free skin care line that came about because founder Paula Begoun didn’t like her options on the shelves. Begoun’s own battles with acne and eczema drove her...
woman wearing beanie and scarf in winter

The Ultimately Easy Winter Skin Care Program

As temperatures plummet, you may notice that your face feels drier and loses some of its normal vibrancy. You aren’t imagining things—cold air, hot showers, and low humidity work in tandem to pull moisture...
Woman using hand cream on dry skin

5 Hand Creams to Relieve Seriously Dry Skin

If you’re like most hand washers in the world, your skin tends to get drier during fall and winter. Crisp, cold air combined with more frequent hand-washing—as you attempt to fend off germ-spreading and...
Catherine Brock holding EcoLips lip and cheek tint

Ecolips Lip + Cheek Tint Review

What EcoLips Lip + Cheek Tints are 5-in-1 color sticks with an oversized applicator that you can use for lip color, eye color, blush, contouring and highlighting. The colors are noticeable but still sheer,...
Stylist using a hair straightener

Hair Tools Most Loved By Expert Stylists

That clever witch Hermione Granger used a magic wand to conjure up birds and erase memories, but we mere mortals would settle for a spell that promises a perfect hairdo. And thankfully, there are...
Closeup of woman with brown eyes and professional makeup

Stunning Makeup Looks to Complement Brown Eyes

Nearly 55 percent of the world’s population has brown eyes — which means brown is the world’s most common eye color. But what is common need not be boring. Brown eyes are actually super...
Woman with colorful makeup

The Best Beauty Looks on Instagram Right Now

Where but Instagram can you go to find the most inspiring makeup looks in the world? It’s a hotbed of endless ideas for those of us who can’t get enough of electrifying color combos,...
Woman with latest hair color trends

One of These Hair Color Trends Will Blow Your Mind

It’s easy to get hooked on fashion and beauty trends that change so swiftly from season to season. There’s always something new and excited destined to appeal to your inner adventuress. But what happens...
Budget Beauty 2

Beauty News: Your Makeup Might Be Making You Sick

Thank you to Rejuva Minerals for sponsoring this post about clean beauty and providing the products reviewed below. All opinions are my own. Walk into Walmart today and you’re sure to find beauty products...
How to pack makeup: Makeup travel bag

Travel Pro: How to Pack Your Makeup

Your boss just informed you that she’s sending you to Japan next week. Or, you realized today that your family reunion in Nebraska, planned three months ago, is this weekend. In either case, the...
Woman standing on scale, checking her weight

The Weight is (Almost) Over: What to Wear While Losing Weight

The weight loss journey is an emotional one. It’s wrought with highs and lows, and whether you’re battling the infamous freshman 15 (or 40), dealing with those last few pounds of baby weight, or...
Miley Cyrus with bangs and long hair

Did These “Best” Celebrity Haircuts Stand the Test of Time?

There’s nothing like spotting a hairstyle on a celebrity to convince you that, yes, it’s probably right for you, too. (Rachel, anyone?) Sure, this is 2019, not 1994, but there’s something to be said...
Smiling woman wearing floppy hat outside

The Summer Skincare Survival Kit

Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth. Novelist Roman Payne Summer sunshine gets us outside to enjoy our beaches, lakes, parks and yards. It warms us and spreads feelings of...
Woman hiding under covers

Beauty Tips When You’re on Your Period

Did you know that May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Day? To honor this day, we’re covering every girl’s favorite topic (sarcasm) — the period. If there’s ever a time when a girl could use...
Bright, two-tone manicure

About Your Next Mani/Pedi — What to Know

It’s sandal season, which means you’re officially out of excuses not to tend to your nails. Downtime is fine for winter, but if you plan to bear your toes this season, now’s the time...
Budget Beauty 3

6 Major Spring Hair Trends According to Celeb Stylists

Spring is a season of renewal in so many ways. As you refresh your home and swap your cold-weather wear for more appropriate attire, it’s also a good time to take stock of your...
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