Pamper Yourself at Home with these Spa Day Extras

Ready for some me-time?  Who isn’t!  Time to pamper yourself at home with spa day extras that’ll take you from stressed to soothed in no time.

Soaps and lotions? Check.  Candles?  All set.  But don’t stop there.  Take relaxation time up a few notches by remembering to include extras that complete the at-home spa day experience.  After all, there’s nothing more annoying that stepping out of a bath and realizing there’s not a hair wrap in sight.  Ugh.  My two personal pet peeves?  Socks that keep my feet warm for all of one minute and lining the perimeter of the tub with products.  Cold and clutter . . . not high on the feeling pampered scale.

Spa Day at Home Essentials Every Lady Needs

To end the chaos, we rounded up affordable essentials to create the perfect spa day.  What are you waiting for?  Relax and enjoy, ladies.



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