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Beautiful body care advice! Need the latest on detox, ballet fitness or bodycare tools and products? Or, are you in need of some best-body inspiration? You’re in the right place! Whether you’ve reached your body goals or not, we’re here to help you feel gorgeous today, as you are.

Here, you can find out which self-tanners budget fashionistas love, how to pack your gym bag so you can hit the ground running post workout, how to have the best-looking nails in town, what all the buzz about teatox is about, and more.

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Woman practicing cuticle care by applying cuticle oil

Cuticle Care — 3 Stupid-Simple Ways to Protect Cuticles

In normal times, our hands go through a lot on a daily basis. But these are not normal times. We have coronavirus spreading around the world, and washing your hands is a key part...
Woman using hand cream on dry skin

5 Hand Creams to Relieve Seriously Dry Skin

If you’re like most hand washers in the world, your skin tends to get drier during fall and winter. Crisp, cold air combined with more frequent hand-washing—as you attempt to fend off germ-spreading and...
Woman standing on scale, checking her weight

The Weight is (Almost) Over: What to Wear While Losing Weight

The weight loss journey is an emotional one. It’s wrought with highs and lows, and whether you’re battling the infamous freshman 15 (or 40), dealing with those last few pounds of baby weight, or...
Bright, two-tone manicure

About Your Next Mani/Pedi — What to Know

It’s sandal season, which means you’re officially out of excuses not to tend to your nails. Downtime is fine for winter, but if you plan to bear your toes this season, now’s the time...
Woman holding towel to her head after hard workout

Post-Workout Primping: How to Look Polished in Minutes

Your workout is a testament to your serious commitment to your health. While it’s amazing to lock in some quality time at the gym or enjoy a heart-pumping walk in the park, there’s always...
Nail salon table with woman's hands

These Nail Polish Colors Will Light Up Your Look

In search of a quick summer pick-me-up? You won’t have to look far. Whether you’re spending long days at the beach or simply daydreaming from your office cubical, the right nail color can instantly...
Body Care Advice 1

8 Fake Tanners Fashionistas are Raving About on Amazon

With fashionistas everywhere embracing the ‘fresh face’ trend this season, a glowing complexion is a must. All we have to say is, thank the beauty gods for the modern generation of self-tanners that delivers...
glowing skin - woman with bronze glow

How to Get Bronzed, Glowing Skin in the Winter

Are you hitting the beach early on a holiday or trying to recapture that tanned look from last summer? Fortunately, there are a bevy of tanning tricks available to you that will not damage your...
best perfumes for women - collage of 6 best perfumes

Best Perfumes for Women on a Budget — Valentine’s Day

Nothing completes a Valentines Day date like a fragrance. If you’re going out with your steady, a new perfume adds a subtle, memorable twist on the night. And if you’re stepping out on V-day with...
all natural beauty products collage

All Natural Beauty Products to Love

New year, new you, right? Tossing out the sugar and hitting the treadmill is fine and dandy, but your health isn’t limited to just diet and fitness. Going clean and taking care of yourself...
nail art designs - soft pink nail art with hearts

Nail Art Designs — How to Style Your Nails for Date Night

For many of us, there are two things going on right now: 1) it’s cold, 2) it’s almost Valentine’s Day. When it comes to winter nail art designs, you can pull inspiration from either...
Natural cocoa butter for diy moisturizer

DIY Moisturizer — 6 Natural Recipes for Supple, Glowing Skin

The desire for supple, healthy, glowing skin is one that many women have — but only a few take the initiative to work at it. The array of easily accessible, natural ingredients makes it worthwhile to...
fall nail trends - collage of press on nails and nail polish in fall colors

Fall Nail Trends: Try These Now

Close your eyes and think of the fall. What comes to mind? Gorgeous leaves, apple cider and fresh pumpkins, maybe? Reds, golds, oranges and rich browns are the classic fall colors — and the...
Body Care Advice 2

What’s the Skinny on the Ballet Fitness Trend

Ballet has been long revered for its beauty and grace. Anyone that’s taken up ballet (or even just been lucky enough to view it firsthand from the audience) feel its breathtaking quality on a...
Body Care Advice 3

Teatox: The New Recipe for Body Beauty?

Anyone with an Instagram account has seen them. The bronzed beauties, seemingly all from Australia, looking effortlessly fit, fabulous and practically glowing. And what’s in the hand of these modele-sque social media mavens? A...
Fergie Long Nails

True Confessions: I Can’t Deal with Long Nails

Long nails, a.k.a. “stiletto” nails, are wildly popular. From Adele and Rihanna to the waitress at the local diner, long and pointed tips are popping up everywhere. Me? Sorry, I’m not a fan. In fact,...
Indie Nail Polishes

3 Indie Nail Polishes Worth Your Dinero

I’m into nail polish the way Juliet was into Romeo. Give me polish or let me die. Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t kill myself if someone suddenly took away my right to paint nails,...
Quick Fixes for Broken Nails

Don’t Cry Over Broken Nails: Fix Them With This Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen mashing garlic potatoes for a tasty dinner when–all of a sudden–I experienced the traumatic event that is breaking a nail. Based on my reaction and...
Woman's feet with a white flower

Show your Toots Some Love! 4 Simple Steps for a DIY Foot Spa (Updated 2020)

I’m a major proponent of purchased pedicures. I love walking into a salon and having some other person work his or her magic on my little tootsies. All that scrubbing and buffing and painting...
Watercolor Nail Tutorial

’90s Revival — Watercolor Nails (A How-To)

Paging Kelly Kapowski and Topanga Lawrence! These watercolor nails design I created is so ‘90s fab that I am not sure what to do with myself. And considering the fact that ‘90s fashion is so...
Heart Burst Nail Tutorial

Be Still My Heart: Heart Burst Nail Tutorial

You never know when inspiration’s going to hit. You could be walking down the street, talking to your hairstylist or taking an afternoon siesta. This particular nail design came to me somewhere between my...
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