The Weight is (Almost) Over: Clothes to Keep Us – and our Bank Account – Looking Fab as We Shrink!

Whether it’s baby weight, the freshman 15 (or 40) or too many Snickers bars, a lot of ladies are on a weight loss journey.  Losing weight is great, but wearing our size 22’s when we’re now a 16 . . . not too hot.  Trust me, I know.  After losing 70 pounds six years ago, I know that looking fashionable while dropping pounds can be challenging.  On one hand, we want to step out in a new wardrobe with every size we drop (whoo-hoo!).  On the other hand, we can’t afford to have our bank account shrink just because we are.

Plus, ladies in the weight loss phase are probably already spending money on gym memberships, special shakes or just by shopping healthier (a shame how much more expensive healthy choices can be for shoppers, but I digress).  They last thing we want is to spend more.  But we do want to look stunning, darn it!

So, how can ladies still look great while losing weight?  A few key pieces can see us through a couple of sizes.  So, unless those pants are about to land us in saggy pant court, think in terms of baby steps and save a mega wardrobe overhaul for that exciting moment when the world hears “I’m at my goal weight!” shouts of joy.

Here are some clothes that keep us looking fashionable during weight loss transitions.  A few choices for every other size or so (rather than a dozen items for every five pounds lost) will keep ladies looking great as they shrink and staying happy as bank accounts expand.

Our Fave Weight Loss Transition Clothes to Keep Us Stylish as We Drop the Pounds

Do you have any weight loss transition clothes tips?  Share them with us in the comment section below!