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Clothes for Losing Weight: The Key Pieces

The weight loss journey is an emotional one. It’s wrought with highs and lows, and whether you’re battling the infamous freshman 15 (or 40), dealing with those last few pounds of baby weight, or trying to control your passion for the occasional Snickers bar, it all takes some serious effort. The best part of this adventure is actually seeing results — but even that’s becomes challenge when you’re slipping into your usual size 22s after you’ve whittled down to a 16.

In a perfect world, you’d wear something new and cute for every size you drop. But that gets pricey, and leaves you with pieces you can only wear for a short period of time. Sure, you’re a weight loss rockstar (congrats, btw!). But that doesn’t mean your bank account should suffer irreparable damage as a result.

So what’s a (shrinking) girl to do?

For a start, don’t keep wearing the stuff that’s too big. The right attire that fits and flatters is a powerful motivator, and your reward for all that hard work. Instead, invest in a few stylish and affordable key pieces that you can wear beyond a single size. Read on for the best clothes for losing weight.

Clothes for Losing Weight: The Key Pieces

Wrap dresses

You just can’t go wrong with the ingenious wrap dress. It’s suitable for any size, of course, but you’ll find it’s really convenient as you slowly move down the scale. Since it’s fairly loose without the tie element, you have the luxury of wearing it as you lose weight and simply pulling it more taut at the waist as you go.

This LOFT Bouquet Wrap Midi Dress is a great addition to your warm-weather wardrobe.

Shift dresses

If you’ve run across a shift dress that was shapeless and unflattering, it was simply the wrong shift dress — not a sign that all shift dresses are awful. A well-made shift dress has some lovely benefits. For one, this garment can camouflage zones you might still be working on. It also fits like a dream and is easy to customize to your size. You can slip a belt on if you want to create a more fitted silhouette as you lose weight, for example.

A solid version, like this Tommy Bahama Linen Split Neck Shift Dress, is easy to dress up with bold accessories, scarves and statement necklaces.

Or add a fun pattern to your life — yes, you can and should wear patterns if you want to — as seen on this Old Navy Jersey Elbow-Sleeve Swing Dress.

Dressy tunics

Tunics are great to throw on over bathing suits, but they’re also capable of looking great in other environments.

A piece like this Everleigh Roll-Tab Sleeve Tunic works well because it’s airy and forgiving. You can slip it on with a pair of pants, or tuck it in and wear it with a blazer when you’re at the office.

Wide-leg Pants

The wide leg is a trendy silhouette, but it has the added advantage of being super flattering. And because it’s designed with intentional volume, it doesn’t appear as though you’re wearing something that’s too large for your frame.

Look for a pair that features a drawstring so you can adjust it as you size down. Pairing them with a more form-fitting top is a great way to achieve a balanced look. Try A New Day High-Rise Tie Waist Wide Leg Pants.

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