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Fragrance As Accessory: How to Build the Perfect Scent Wardrobe

Fashion and style are dominated by visual elements — a ruffle at the neckline or an interesting animal print around the waist. But there’s another player that can emulate your style on a different level: fragrance.

From scented body lotions to heady, high-priced perfumes, scents make the full range of statements. A whiff of a carefully chosen fragrance can evoke memories, convey personality, and set the tone for special occasions.

If you’re looking for a different way to express your style, a curated fragrance collection might be the answer. The idea is to have a few signature scents on hand, with each complementing different moods and occasions. Below I’ll share some tips on how to do it.

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Start with a signature scent

At the heart of your scent wardrobe is your signature scent. This is the fragrance that resonates with your persona, the one you’re most drawn to for daily wear. It’s akin to finding the perfect pair of jeans; it just feels right.

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Unfortunately, I can’t give you a how-to on finding this scent. This journey is personal and requires exploration. High-quality ingredients, longevity, and how a perfume melds with your skin chemistry are critical factors to consider. Since fragrances evolve on the skin and can smell differently over time, consider visiting perfume retailers and requesting samples to wear over several days.

In this pursuit, don’t overlook niche brands that offer unique blends diverging from mainstream aromas. These can provide a sense of individuality and exclusivity. Remember, the aim is to find a scent that feels like an extension of yourself, enhancing your natural aroma rather than overshadowing it.

Add in seasonal fragrances

You swap out the sundresses for scarves in September and the puffy jackets for cardigans in March. You can make the same transitions with your fragrances.


In the spring, look to add one or two lighter, floral scents to your collection. A playful yet sophisticated strawberry perfume is an interesting choice that captures the freshness and renewal of the season. Delicate florals are also appropriate for spring. Jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, and peony are great choices.


Summer demands brighter, zestier fragrances that reflect long, sunny days. You might opt for something herbal, like a lavender or something punchy, like a lemon or lime.


Fall, the season of the pumpkin spice latte, welcomes spicier scents that feel warm against the backdrop of changing leaves and cool air. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and cardamom are examples. You could also opt for a warm vanilla or woody notes like sandalwood or cedarwood.


Winter is the perfect season to wear foodie scents like chocolate or caramel. Also, fragrances with notes of leather, tobacco, or suede are warm and sensual choices for winter.

Have scents for work and play

Beyond seasons, consider occasions. Your work persona, for example, is not the same as your date-night persona. You can share each side of you with a curated scent that amplifies the vibe.


Soft, fresh scents are work friendly. Clean linen and sheer ocean-inspired fragrances are examples. Because you never know your co-workers sensitivities, it’s wise to stick with lighter body sprays and eau de colognes.


If you’re headed out dressed to impress, your fragrance should be as intriguing as your outfit. The fun thing about fragrances is you can pair a bold scent with a bold outfit. With clothes and accessories, on the other hand, it’s generally better to balance bold and muted.

Rose patchouli and sensual musks are alluring and sensual, ideal for date nights.

Honor your best memories and aspirations

An intriguing aspect of curating a scent wardrobe is the ability to transport yourself to different places and times through scent. Fragrances have the remarkable power to evoke memories and emotions. Consider adding perfumes to your collection that remind you of places you’ve visited or aspire to go. A citrusy perfume might recall a summer in the Mediterranean, while a floral, woody fragrance could bring back memories of walks in a lush forest.

Similarly, wearing a particular scent for special occasions can anchor those memories. Over time, that fragrance will always remind you of those moments, creating a personal and emotional connection to your experiences.

The Practicalities of Building a Scent Wardrobe

Starting a scent wardrobe doesn’t mean you need a vast collection from the outset. Begin with two or three budget fragrances that speak to different facets of your personality or different occasions. Over time, you can add more scents to your collection, as you explore various fragrance families and discover what truly resonates with you.

Storage is also an important consideration. Keep your fragrances away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to preserve their integrity. A cool, dark drawer or a cabinet away from windows is ideal.

The Intangible Accessory

Perfume is the ultimate intangible accessory. A curated scent adds depth and dimension to your personal style in a way that is uniquely yours. It’s a form of self-expression that goes beyond the visual, creating an aura and leaving a lasting impression.

By curating a scent wardrobe, you invite an exploration of the senses, celebrating the diversity of your style and moods through fragrance. Your scent choices from day to day enhance your style but also add to your personal narrative — such that each spritz is a testament to your individuality.

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