3 Indie Nail Polishes Worth Your Dinero

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I’m into nail polish the way Juliet was into Romeo. Give me polish or let me die. Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t kill myself if someone suddenly took away my right to paint nails, but I would be extremely irritable.

I’m somewhat exhausted by the mass-produced nail polishes. Don’t get me wrong — I do have quite a few favorites. However, there’s something about the quirkiness of an independent, non-mainstream nail polish (insert hipster nail painter joke here) that really gets my creative juices flowing. For example, the Cover Band Sticks and Stones polish I reviewed a while back is one of my favorite favorites.

Today I’m reviewing three newish, up-and-coming nail polish brands that have earned my seal of approval. To accompany the reviews, I’ve also included nail designs created with the polishes along with brief how-to guides.

Indie Nail Polishes Review

Floss Gloss, $8 each

Floss Gloss

If you’re looking for funky and fresh then Floss Gloss is your go-to polish resource. They’re based in San Fran and the colors are simply to die for, darling. I’m talking hip, bold, not-your-chain-store-colors. For example, neon nacho is the exact same color as cheese whiz (a matte, super-glowy orange), Stun is an ultra flashy chunky holographic gold polish that would make Beyonce jealous, and Wavepool (pictured here) is a retro-cool more-blue-than-mint hue that I can’t get enough of.

Get the look: Apply Sally Hansen’s Golden-1 polish to all your nails. Using a thin paintbrush, create three v’s with the Wavepool on four nails and a heart on the accent finger.

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  • Floss Gloss? Hmmm you are awakening a nail PJ! I just overcame that title where hair is concerned. Now nail polishes have my attention.  I have a ton of favorite brands in various price groups…Sally Hansen, Butter London, Sinful Colors and Essie