Perfect Scents: 5 Fall Body Mists to Buy Now

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Much as I like summer, I looove fall.   See, I like to wear fragrance.  Problem is, summer = bees = not so good when I step out smelling like a rosebush with legs.  Plus, layering the sweet mist on arms that already smell like SPF-30 doesn’t float my boat.  That’s why I give autumn’s cooler temps a welcome bow.

Fall body mists make perfect scents (ha, scents, get it?):  there’s less sweat, less suntan lotion and my favorite:  fewer bees.  Plus, it’s the ideal time to celebrate the energizing, refreshing change in season.  Whether we’re psyched to roast some marshmallows around the fire pit with our BFFs or hit the countryside for pumpkin picking and cider sipping fun, fall body mists are the perfect way to capture the excitement.

5 Fall Body Mist Must-Haves

Here are some autumn scents I love.  From pumpkin/cinnamon fragrances to marshmallow ones, I can’t get enough.

What fall body mists are you excited to try?

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