How to Do Your Own DIY Foot Spa

I’m a major proponent of purchased pedicures. I love walking into a salon and having some other person work his or her magic on my little tootsies. All that scrubbing and buffing and painting–and don’t forget the massage finale–puts a lady in a fine mood. Honestly, I have absolutely zero problem spending $25 or $30 on myself (err…my feet) every once in a while.

With that said, there are a few occasions where an at-home pampering session is just…necessary. Maybe you’re prepping for a hot date and you want to make sure all your piggies are in pristine condition. Maybe you’ve had a really long day and you just need a foot soak to take your mind off the rude lady from the subway or your boss’s seemingly-incessant criticism. Perhaps you just want to primp–a natural-born right bestowed upon all women.

Whatever your reasoning, I’m here to inspire your own DIY foot spa sesh. We’ll start at the very beginning.

Your Own Foot Spa Right at Home

Soak Those Bad Boys

Soak Those Bad Boys

Fill a large basin with medium-to-hot water. I like to use a litter box because it’s cheap and large enough for both feet. You can invest in a made-for-feet basin or even try large bowls. The choice is yours. Add about a cup of Epsom salts and a little bit of lotion or body wash and mix. You can also use essential oil. Let your feet soak for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes I just wait until the water gets cold, but I’m kind of lazy.

Remove Dead Skin

Remove Dead Skin

The Epsom soak will loosen dead skin and other unpleasantries, making it easier for you to scrub it all away. Sometimes I use a loofah, other times a pumice stone. My personal favorite, though (and this is somewhat of an indulgence) is Le Edge. It’s a multipurpose exfoliation tool. It’s disgusting–in a very satisfying way–to see what this thing scrapes off.

DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub

To further exfoliate your feet, make yourself a DIY sugar scrub. I typically combine 1/4 cup sugar, 1/8 cup olive oil and a teaspoon of honey. Mix well and massage onto each foot and leg for about three minutes each. Afterward, rinse it all away.

Lock in Moisture

Lock In Moisture

After your feet have dried, apply thick lotion to each foot and then wear the fluffiest, coziest socks you own. The cuter they are, the better your feet will look in the end. Not really, but at least you’ll be wearing cute socks.


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