Our Top Spring Nail Polish Picks

spring nail polish collection

In 1989, Biz Markie described spring as “the time to fall in love.” We agree, and why not fall in love with a new spring nail polish? Spring, like no other season, is the ideal time for a nail makeover — mostly because this is the easiest way to get on-trend colors into your rotation, fast. Read on for our top seasonal nail polish picks, all under $10!

Spring Nail Polish Picks

For garments, bold, bright colors and patterns are trending all around this season. For nails, we like a softer touch. Look for nail polish colors that coordinate and complement your new floral, off-the-shoulder blouse — rather than compete with it. These wearable picks are in that vein.

1. Soft Purple

spring nail polish top picks: Sally Hansen purple
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Purple, $7.49, Target

This Sally Hansen color is a soft purple, reminiscent of the flowers you may see budding around you. It’s a vivid enough to pop against your skin, but still modest enough to pair nicely with your outfit. If you’re feeling crafty, add a thin layer of silver glitter to make your nails stand out even more.

There’s an added bonus on this one too. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel looks and has the effect of gel nail polish without the UV lamp. Simply apply the Miracle Gel color and follow with Miracle Gel Topcoat. For $7, you’ll save money doing this gel manicure yourself.

2. A Shade of White

A mild off-white, Sheer Cotton is flattering on all skin tones, and coordinates with any outfit. Sheer Cotton is a part of the Revlon’s Top Speed nail polish line. The enamel has a top coat ‘built in,’ and dries in 60 seconds — perfect for the fashionista on the go.

3. Fresh Mint

Mint as a nail color always makes a statement when you pair it with white, black or nude-colored garments. It has a lovely tropical feel to it as well, which reminds us of lazy summer days in a hammock by the beach.

4. Orange as the Sun

spring nail polish collection - China Glaze in Orange
China Glaze in None of Your Risky Business, $3.25, Beyond Polish

It’s hard not to smile when the sun is shining, and you have a bright orange lacquer on your nails. This color will pop, no matter what else you’re wearing. Try pairing it with amber-tinted sunglasses and maybe an orange druzy necklace.

What’s your favorite spring nail polish? Let us know below!

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