How to Cover Varicose Veins

Dear Budget Fashionista,

As a 52-year-old woman, with varicose veins, do I need to wear pantyhose in the winter and can I wear long shirts that goes almost to my ankles? What do I wear? Thank you


The Bad News: Pantyhose (aka nylons) are pretty dated.

The Good (actually, great) News: Tights are not. Purchase a a couple of pairs of tights (office safe colors are brown, black and gray). Some of my favorite budget friendly tight lines are the Merona and Xhilration lines at Target, the George line at Wal-Mart, and the line of tights at We Love Colors .

More Good News: Long skirts happen to be making a comeback. Resist the urge to purchase a bunch of broomstick type of skirts, and opt for a more tailored look in long skirts to help cover up your varicose veins.