15 Fashionable, Last-Minute Gifts on Amazon Prime

Last minute gift ideas

This time of year, I thank the powers that be for Amazon Prime. Because even though I started shopping early, I didn’t finish shopping early. And now I’m dangerously close to the cutoff for online gift purchases. But that free two-day shipping from Amazon gives me a few days of breathing room before I end up at the mall buying scented candles for everyone.

Not that I am opposed to scented candles. It’s a perfectly fine gift, but I prefer to give pieces that are more unique, more stylish. In that vein, I shopped 15 fashionable gifts all available on Amazon Prime — none of which require you to take a wild guess on sizes. Take a look and add a few these pieces to your Amazon cart for lady friends, coworkers, moms and/or daughters.

Last-Minute Gifts Under $20

1. Fashion Coloring Book

2. Scarf Hanger

3. Refillable Atomizer

4. The Fashion Dictionary

5. Rosewater Spray

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