5 Fashionable Slippers to Gift a Fashionista


A warm pair of slippers is a classic gift that never goes unappreciated. Here are five pairs of slippers we know that you’ll love to gift and love to get. Snag any of these for less than $25.

1. Gray Furr Slippers

These gray slippers from Kohl’s are cute as a button. The sole is sturdy enough for a bit of outdoor action — like a walk to the mailbox when it’s cold outside or even a quick trip to the grocery store. That versatility is nicely balanced with an acrylic sweater for the foot, lined with a bit of snuggly gray fur.

These slippers are fashionable, cozy and comfortable. And, if your fashionista friend doesn’t like gray, these slippers are also available in navy, black and aubergine.

2. The Moccasin 

This moccasin is a quasi-shoe with enough features that no one would think twice if you wore them outside. A rubber sole, tie-up laces, fringe and a low-ankle height…what else do you need in a shoe?

Your fashionista friend can pair these with leggings and socks around the house. And when that unexpected holiday guest shows up, she’ll be ready.

3. The Boot Slipper 

These women’s Patti Slippers mimic a full boot, but they are perfect for in-home wear on cold days. Plus, they slip on and off easily. They’ll cover the whole ankle, and feel as soft and as comfy as they look. They feature brown buttons on the side, which add a nice bit of style. This detail is perfect for a fashionista who loves unique finds that are on-trend.

4. Animal Slippers 

holiday slippers- penguin slippers
Penguin Earmuff Slippers, $12.90, Forever21

For the fashionista who loves animals, these penguin slippers are too adorable to pass up. And of course these penguins are wearing earmuffs, in preparation for a long, cold winter.

The gal who receives these slippers from you will enjoy the novelty of them, plus the easy slip-on design. Her feet will be fully cushioned and cared for with these slippers. At $12.90, these slippers make the perfect gift for co-workers and acquaintances.

5. The Pink Slide

For those friends and family who live in warm-weather climates, a slide-style slipper is a practical choice for year-round wear. Isotoner’s brilliant pink slides have a plus base and strap and a cushioned sole that holds up for quick trips outside.

Which pair is your favorite? Let us know below!