The Fashionista’s Guide to Boyfriend Gifts

Ask most about buying for a boyfriend, or men in general, and the response is usually “They’re impossible!” But once you narrow it down to a more specific category of interest, selecting boyfriend gifts becomes infinitely easier. Whether your guy is the type to spend the weekend in the woods, cooking up gourmet meals (count your lucky stars), or making fart jokes, we have just the thing.

Take a look at the holiday guide below and get your guy checked off early this year.

Boyfriend Gifts For…the Outdoorsy

boyfriend gifts for the outdoorsy boyfriend

1. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

You really can’t go wrong with anything Patagonia. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to outdoor wear. And, the brand is often jokingly referred to as Pata-Gucci, for its very fine quality and notoriety in the outerwear realm. So, if your guy is the camping, hiking and general outdoor enthusiast, he’ll be nothing short of pleased with Patagonia’s Nano Puff Jacket. It’s windproof, water-resistant and lightweight. Plus, it uses the highly compressible PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with 55% post-consumer recycled content, so it’s eco-conscious as well!

2. Jetboil Genesis Base Camp System

Ask any outdoor enthusiast — the Jetboil is a camper’s best friend. Whether it’s making a cup of Joe at camp or heating up some soup after a day of backpacking, Jetboil’s Genesis Base Camp System is a must-have for your avid outdoorsman. While Jetboil offers several different models, the Genesis Base Camp System comes with a fry pan, lid/strainer, two-burner stove and flux pot.

3. YETI Roadie

YETIs are pretty much the highest end cooler on the market. The brand offers several different types of coolers, but the YETI Roadie is the perfect size for a camping trip and is easily stored in a truck cab. It holds 14 cans and a recommended ice-to-contents ratio of 2:1. However, its patented design keeps ice colder much longer than your standard cooler so your guy’s less apt to have a swimming pool inside after only a couple hours.